The Rivah

I spent the first part of this past weekend at the “Rivah”. It was a nice getaway, even though it was hot, hot, hot!! Despite the scorching temps, I was determined to get my summer tan on, and that I did! At times, I was praying for even the slightest breeze to bring some relief.

I arrived on Wednesday evening, just in time for happy hour on the pier with my mom and godmother, who had come up for a couple of nights. My godmother looks forward to her annual visit to the “Rivah”, and it’s a great way for her and my mom to catch up, and for me to get some QT time with her too!

Wednesday night for dinner, we drove to Horn Harbor, a destination spot in Burgess, VA. Boats can dock there and campers can seek solace on their small campground. The food is mediocre, but they certainly have some delicious crab!! We started with the crab bite appetizer, and for my entree, I got the Caesar salad with broiled shrimp. Delicious!


After my godmother left Thursday morning, my mom and I trekked off to the grocery store to stock up for the weekend, including ingredients for the delicious rosemary, artichoke, and black olive pizza for dinner! Sadly, I forgot to photograph it, but it turned out to be very good, gluten free crust and all!

The rest of the day was spent R & Ring and publishing my first post remotely from my phone!!



Mom enjoying her nightly glass of Malbec on the pier


Friday morning my brother, sister-in-law, and baby nephew arrived!!


We read, clapped, and played all afternoon. Dad came shortly thereafter.

Happy hour on the screened in porch:



Dinner was crab cakes, broccoli slaw, and leftover pizza. Dessert was my mom’s signature blonde brownies! Every year she bakes these for the crowd at the river, and they don’t stick around long! Again, no food photos! I promise I’ll be better about that at the beach! I did manage to take this one of my breakfast Friday morning


Gluten free oats, banana, half of a pink lady apple, topped with my mom’s homemade walnut butter!! Recipe for that to follow!

I left early Saturday morning to attend a friend’s wedding, but I had a wonderful and relaxing stay this year at the “Rivah”. Until next time!



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