It Don’t Get Much Better Than That

I’m still reminiscing about the sweet times spent with my family during our glorious beach trip to Emerald Isle!


Our days were filled with watching the babes play, “jumping the waves” with my 4-year-old neice, and hanging at the house, beverages in hand, food on the table, and of course, good music.





I did manage to get in quite a bit of activity! The first two days, I went for short jogs on the beach to these cluster of cottages up the beach from our house. My brother-in-law thought it was about two miles there, but I just went with what felt right.


Running in the sand is a whole different animal than running on land! It wasn’t exactly harder, it was actually really invigorating and peaceful.

First thing’s first though; before my morning workout, I had to fuel up on water and coffee. Who doesn’t love sipping coffee ocean front?


On the last full day, I decided to take a brake from running, and went on a bike ride. I started out on land, but the bike did not have as many gears, and I wanted a little bit more resistance, so I decided to take it out on the beach! Man, was this fun!!

It was early enough in the day that the sand was “un-used” and tightly packed. I listened to my iPod along the way, which made it even more fun. I think overall, I covered about five miles of beach!

After my bike ride, I just couldn’t get enough of exercising on the beach, so I decided to go on a beach walk with my dad, barefoot. While fun, this was definitely no leisure walk, and an hour of my feet in the sand sans shoes, definitely took a tole! At the end, we were both dripping with sweat, and my dogs were barkin’, as my mom says!


For breakfast and lunch at the beach, everyone was kind of on their own. I basically stuck with the same kind of salad each day, which consisted of beans, veggies, and avocado. Similar to this salad I packed for the drive there Wednesday evening.


I was mindful of both my neices nut allergies, and did not bring any raw nuts or nut butters along for the trip. My four-year-old neice is highly allergic to peanuts and tree nuts, and my neice who is 16 months old, is highly allergic to sesame seeds and pecans. Poor babies!


Having raw nuts and nut butters out of arm’s reach for a few days, definitely made me realize how much I enjoy these good-for-you fats a little too much!

The dinners we enjoyed were great. The first night I was there, my sister baked fresh crab cakes and asparagus, and the next night, my brother and sister-in-law grilled a hodge podge of vegetables that included portabello mushrooms, red peppers, onions, and potatoes, topped over arugula with chicken. SO GOOD!!




Even Dad relaxed on this trip!!


Checkout was on Sunday, which was nice, because it was fantastic having Labor Day to re-charge. It was a wonderful few days at the beach! Thanks to Mom and Dad for making it all happen. Until next year!




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