Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween.


Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween

The soy milk bubbles in my coffee look like a spooky spider web! I’m not crazy about Halloween and the whole dressing up thing. I think I wore the same witch costume that my mom made for my sister half of my years I spent dressing up for the scary holiday.

I do like being “festive” whether it’s having two cups of pumpkin spice flavored coffee from The Fresh Market, bringing out my Halloween dish towel, or placing mini pumpkins around my apartment to reign Fall in.

I’m on my second cup of pumpkin spice coffee this morning and enjoying one of my favorite TV shows – Today. I always like to see what the broadcasters dress up as for Halloween.

What are your Halloween plans?


New Beginnings

Hello Friends!

I sincerely apologize that it has been soooo long since my last post, one month and 24 days to be exact! That is too, too long. I’m sorry for that. A LOT ┬áhas been going on in the past few weeks, however. I said goodbye to my former company, and accepted a job at Janet Brown Interiors. JBI has been a staple in Richmond’s home decorating circuit and Janet Brown herself is a reputable designer in the Richmond and surrounding areas in Virginia. I am lucky to be a part of such a successful business.

When I was offered the job, I was faced with a very difficult decision. If I accepted, I knew I would lose the privilege of getting health insurance through my employer and I would be faced with a pay cut. After my second meeting with Janet, I sat down with my mom and we reviewed the hard numbers. We concluded that even with the pay cut and having to pay for my own health insurance plan, my expenses could be covered, even with a little left over.

I thought long and hard about the offer. I talked it over with my family and close friends, and not surprisingly, they were very supportive!! Knowing my passion for interior decorating and my past success in retail sales, everyone thought I should go for it.

I felt like I was taking a risk, not only financially, but in my professional career as well. Most people I know have the typical 9-5 job, sitting in a cubicle setting, attending team meetings, and developing a bad case of eye strain due to writing so many emails or analyzing spreadsheets. Not all of my friends have this kind of job however, some people I’ve connected with travel 75% for their job, their car is their office, or teach, which is a profession that I definitely did not get my calling in, and every day I am thankful for those who did!!

But at the end of the day, I thought, if I didn’t take this opportunity now, in six months or a year, would I have the same desire to take another job, path, career? I could not be sure. I had to go with my gut and weigh my happiness and doing what I truly love to do with the perks of a more “conventional” sales job. AND how much gas I will be saving, not having to drive several miles up and down a major highway every day.

I accepted the job, and have not looked back.

My decorataing juices began to flow when I had the pleasure of dog sitting this past weekend at a lovely home of a famiily friend. I was surrounded by beautiful fabrics and textures that filled the house on pillows, sofas, and chairs. Just in time for my first day of work on Monday!

I hope your Tuesday was fabulous!