Tell All Tuesday

Good morning!

I hope you all had a fabulous weekend and/or long weekend if you had Veteran’s Day off! I know I personally took a moment to thank all the living and deceased Veterans of our country, especially my grandfather, who served in World War II, and no longer with us.

This past weekend was busy and restful at the same time. I dog sat for my former fourth grade teacher who lives in my parent’s neighborhood. I have been dogsitting for them for a few years now, so the dogs are used to me being there, and I’m used to them and their house, so it’s really kind of like a mini vacation for me!

Saturday I had to work at the store. It was a fun and busy day for us! We completed our “golden” window for Holiday and ended the day with some great sales.


At the end of the day, I was exhausted!! The night before, I had to babysit, and the parents did not come home until Midnight! I did not get my 8+ hours of sleep to say the least 😉

I was able to catch up on my sleep Saturday night and felt pretty rested for Sunday brunch at Stella’s!! I was so excited to have brunch here, because I have only been to Stella’s for dinner once, and from what I remember it was sub-par. BUT the brunch was delicious! I started with two beverages – a bellini and a Frappe or iced coffee. For my meal, I ordered Spanakopita with two poached eggs and potatoes. SO.GOOD.

photo 3

Although I wanted to clean my plate, I refrained, and took half of it home. I loved their little “Take Away” boxes!

photo 4

Have a happy Tuesday!


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