Simple Pleasures

Lately I have been enjoying simpler things in my day-to-day routine. As a bear prepares for hibernation in the Winter, I feel like I am preparing for the 2-3 long Winter months ahead and have started to cook and bake a lot more.

The recipes I follow are not extravagant, mainly using 5-6 ingredients tops. Last week, I roasted some cubed butternut squash that has been on sale at my local grocery store. I drizzled a TBS of EVOO and sprinkled curry powder and shredded coconut on top. I set my oven on 450 because unfortunately my oven is not the strongest. After about an hour of baking, with some tossing of the squash mid-way through, the squash is finally done and the coconut is crispy!

I added 1/2 cup of chickpeas, a TBS of dried cherries and a pinch of minced garlic to put a spin on it ~ it was delicious!!


On the baking front, I have definitey gotten into the spirit of Thanksgiving by using Pumpkin as the main ingredient. I baked two 8 x 8 Pumpkin-Banana baked oatmeal dishes for my high school alma mater’s “Holly Spree” last week. I found the recipe here. I made a “trial run”, which turned out okay, but when I went to bake the two that were going to the bizaare, those actually turned out better! I think the turn-key method was mixing the oats and pumpkin mixture together, and then pouring over the bananas, as opposed to pouring the oats and other dry ingredients over the bananas first, followed by the pumpkin mixture – oh my! Baking problems 🙂

I don’t have a picture of the baked oatmeal, but I did snap one here of the Pumpkin-Chocolate Chunk Date Bars I whipped up last night.


These were simple too. Recipe here.

My last simple pleasure that I have been particularly excited about this season are my Thanksgiving wine bags I purchased from the Dollar Bin at Target!! These were hard to resist 🙂


I hope you and your family have a safe and Happy Thanksgiving! Gobble gobble.


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