14 For 2014

Happy New Year!! I like to treat today, the second day in January, as my “fresh start” to the new year as opposed to January 1, because let’s be honest here, on January 1, some of us are still recovering from New Year’s Eve festivities 🙂 

I have already started my day off on the right foot by power-walking for about 50 minutes first thing this morning. I decided to head out without my iPod and reflect on this list of 14 events and/or goals I am looking forward to in 2014. 

1. Becoming an aunt for the fourth time! 

2. Training myself for the Monument Ave. 10K

3. Spending my birthday on the Potomac River with friends and family

4. My family’s beach vacation at Emerald Isle

5. Girls’ Weekend in Charlottesville and touring new wineries

6. Practicing yoga twice a week

7. Taking up painting again; I took art lessons in high school

8. Buying a new rug and/or sofa

9. Completing one novel a month

10. Paying more attention to the news

11. A long weekend this summer at The Rivah

12. Diligently schedule workouts for the week

13. Eating and Drinking mindfully

14. Give thanks and pray often


Have a great January 2nd! 





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