Reflections on Last Week

Happy Monday!

I am taking the morning off from exercise as I am still recovering from the weekend! I am hydrating with some delicious lemon-water, waking up with good coffee, and boiling a pot of rice for the week.

I had Saturday off, so despite the rainy weather, I ventured out to the mall to Athleta. My parents gave me a gift card there for Christmas. I have been in need for a new pair of capri pants, or running knickers, as Athleta calls them. The gift card helped me with buying two pairs of knickers and two racer-back tank tops, that were both on sale! I’m not usually a tank top wearing girl at the gym, but these two have extra support in them, so I’ll be able to wear them with confidence 🙂

I also had a great workout at the gym Saturday morning; 23 minutes on the stair master at one level higher than I’ve been stepping. I also jogged about 1.3 miles on the treadmill with a 1.0 incline and power-walked. That and the stair master totalled 53 minutes of exercise and A LOT of sweating.

It wasn’t too long after I came back from shopping, that I had to get ready for The Legwarmers concert! I can proudly say that I actually own a complete 80’s outfit including leggings, a tight muscle dress with gold studs, and a bright coral top with lace.

I pretty much wore the same outfit when I went to The Legwarmers show in 2013, except then I wore these awesome seafoam green tights.


We danced to the best of 80’s rock for 3+ hours – so hard that I woke up sore Sunday morning!!


It was a late, late night that ended with a delicious turkey pesto deli sandwich from Uptown Market. I’ve actually only been to Uptown “late night”, but it would be delicious any time of day. Although I was consuming a whole sandwich at 2AM, this was a smart decision, because without it, I think I would have felt a lot worse the next morning.

Sunday I woke up earlier than I wanted to, but what made me get out of bed was the thought of French Toast!! This is the first time I have made French Toast on my own and it turned out to be very easy and delicious! I just soaked my locally made GF cinnamon raisin bread in two eggs and 1/4 cup of almond milk and cooked each piece of bread separately on the skillet.

I scrambled the leftover egg wash with shredded cheddar cheese. This.was.yummy.


It was a much anticipated sunny Sunday in town, so I drove over to my parent’s neighborhood for a 45 minute power-walk or “hike” as I call it sometimes, as their neighborhood as tons of hills.

Enough about the weekend. Here are five things I am proud of from last week

1. Planning my workouts for the week

2. Not feeling guilty when I don’t follow exactly what I’ve planned for the week

3. Limiting my carb intake to 1 1/2 servings per day

4. Making good use of all my food in the fridge and making most meals at home

5. Following the 52 Week Savings Challenge for the second week

I am particularly excited about going to a Sunrise Yoga class this week. Here’s to a productive and restful week!



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