Things of The Week

When I woke up this morning, a feeling of delight came over me knowing that I have a two day weekend ahead!! But before diving head first into this weekend’s St. Patrick’s Day festivities, here are a few things from this week:

A new (to me) tea discovery: Yogi’s Stomach Therapy tea. I love the inspirational sayings on the tea bags!


My go-to sweet treat of late, homemade brownies! A couple weeks ago I made pumpkin-chocolate GF brownies, and this week I had a craving for chocolate, so I whipped up another batch! This time they’re just regular chocolate – – yumm!!


On Friday night, my cousin and I went to the 63rd Annual Song Contest! What is a Song Contest you ask? It’s a tradition of our high school, Saint Gertrude, where each class  writes, performs, and choreographs a medley of pop songs, one slow song or balid, and the Alma Mater.

This year, my sister was one of the judges! This was a fun opportunity for her, as she was a Song Contest leader back when she went to Saint Gertrude. I can remember being the ultimate cheerleader with her entire class down in our basement while they practiced, practiced, practiced for the big performance. It was truly a full circle moment.

This picture was from my Freshmen year Song Contest, back when it was held in our brother-school’s gym!!

photo 2 (8)

We had a great time this year cheering on all of the classes!

photo 1 (8)

Have a fun and safe weekend!




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