The Weekend Extended

I hope you all had a lovely weekend and St. Patrick’s Day! I thoroughly enjoyed having a Saturday off, begining with an exhilerating jog + power-walk through the neighborhood. The sun was out!!

Later in the afternoon, my friends came over for a cocktail before we headed downtown.

Once downtown we enjoyed beers (some green) and great music by one of my favorite bands – Three Sheets to The Wind!! The infamous yacht rock band played in the heart of Richmond. It was a FUN evening.


Sunday, I went to a very restorative yoga class. This class is more intuitive than other yoga classes I take at my gym, but it’s a good one if you are getting back into a yoga practice because you can move at your own pace. I have a love-hate relationship with weight training, and I LOVE yoga, so I’ve started thinking why not practice yoga more and take a break from weights? I am just in the beginning “experimental” stages with perhaps a new exercise routine, so more on this later 🙂

Anywayyyy….Sunday night I made a TON of granola!! I got the recipe from my favorite new vegan blogger and tweaked it a little to use what I had on hand. IT.IS.DELICIOUS. There is a feeling of satisfaction when you make something from scratch, versus buying it at the grocery store. It just tastes better (hopefully!), and you tend to savor it more.


Although St. Patrick’s Day was a dreary day here in Richmond, it was a day of celebration for my family. My grandmother turned 88!! She is one remarkable lady.


Francie with my sister; her first of 19 grandchildren!!


Have a great week!




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