Weekend Round Up

Good evening! I am sorry it has been SO long since my last post. LIFE gets in the way, you know? I’m still trying to figure out how much time I actually would like to dedicate to blogging. I love sharing pictures, recipes, and happenings around town, but I’m at the intersection of is this creative outlet neccessary in my life right now? I already get to express my creativity everyday at work (I’m a lucky girl!), and some things I would like to keep to myself.

The fact that twice last week I made brownies (once for a pot luck) and scraped the bowl clean of the batter is not something I’m proud of :(. Overall, I do like to pop in and share stuff with ya’ll, so I’ll keep this thing going for now. 

This past weekend was pretty great. RVA had picturesque weather all weekend long!! Somehow though, the photos I took ended up being of meals and not the blue skies. Oh well. Stay tuned later this Spring for those. 

My bowl of oats Saturday morning. Strawberries are IN! 



I blended up some Peas and made them into a hummus for lunch on Sunday. Sooo good!! Recipe here.


Sunday afternoon we gathered for the 1st Annual Easter Egg Hunt at my parent’s house! The kiddos LOVED it, and I had so much fun hiding the eggs 🙂 My sister and brother will be out of town Easter weekend, so we celebrated early.




After an early dinner, I said my goodbyes to my family and headed over to my friend Shannon’s house. We gathered for Wine and Apps while watching the American Country Music Awards. Such a fun Sunday! I stayed up way too late, so it’s goodnight for me now. Until next time! 






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