Apples Return & Weekend!

Good morning! Man, you can really tell a difference when you have both days off on the weekend, versus one! This is just a reminder to be grateful.

Not only did I have an extra day, but the weather was GLORIOUS!! I took full advantage of the outdoors by jogging and power walking around my parent’s neighborhood on Saturday. I jogged one way over the Huguenot Bridge and power walked back!

Saturday night, I went over to Emily’s house in the Northside of town. It was a beautiful evening with lots of catching up and good wine!! We never got a great selfie pic together, so I ended up with these sillies:



Sunday was just as great!! I woke up early and decided to go for a walk down Monument Ave. All weekend long a collegiate Bicycle Race took place in RVA, closing down some of the roads. So, on my walk I caught one of the races taking place which was pretty cool!

Mass and the Farmer’s Market were next on the agenda. At the market I picked up some gorgeous rainbow Swiss chard, which I am using in a recipe I will be sharing later this week!

After whipping up an energizing smoothie and PBJ for lunch, I met my mom for the semi annual Fan Kitchen and Garden Tour! Unfortunately, there were no photos allowed on the tour, but the homes were beautiful! I just love the unique history that is part of each house in The Fan.

Apples were in the oats this morning! I haven’t been eating apples as much, because in my smoothies, I’ll have bananas and strawberries in there, and sometimes those alone meet my daily fruit intake!

I’m glad to be changing it up!

Have a great Monday!





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