A Date With Me

We are having glorious weather today in RVA!! I think it was like 60 degrees this morning. Perfect conditions for a morning jog. Yes, I am jogging again!! And it feels great! I’m not sure what my pace is, but it’s slow. Slow is OK for now. I think I covered a little over 1.5 miles + power walk.

It’s amazing how much better I’ve felt since cutting out PB and chips from my house cold turkey. The added oils in these foods seemed to really weigh me down.

So, last week turned out to be really busy for whatever reason. And now thinking about, I can’t actually remember what all I did. There was one night though when I didn’t have any errands to run or pets to feed. I was able to just come home after work, cook dinner, and relax. I even mixed up a “mocktail” of cherries, lime, and water. A cherry limeade if you will.

photo 1 (8)

This was delicious! The best part was picking out the cherries from the bottom of the glass, infused with lime. I plan on mixing up more flavored water on these warm evenings – so stay tuned for that.

For dinner, I roasted a filet of local Arctic Char, which is very similar to salmon. Along with roasting red and purple (yes, purple!) peppers from a Farmer’s Market my mom and I went to the week before. I topped the fish and veggies on a brown rice and lentil mixture, which was SO flavorful! This was a new discovery. I think Eden Organics produces it, but it was canned and on sale – seemed too easy! And it didn’t have much sodium.

photo 2 (7)photo 3 (7)

I am really enjoying these nights when I don’t have much going on, because I know that in just a few weeks (after the beach of course!) things will start up again; Junior League meetings and socials, Alumnae Board meetings, and possibly socials with this architecture preservation organization.

Enjoy the day!




Alarming Fact on PB

Okay, so not to continue on the PB addiction rant, but I wanted to share an alarming fact I learned last night that my sister shared with me on Dr. Oz‘ website. 

Dr. Oz writes about the “5 Metabolism Death Foods” and #4 was Peanut Butter! Dr. Oz says: 

Peanut Butter – Yes, peanut butter is tasty, but it can also ruin your gut health. Peanuts are grown on the soil and stored moist in silos which then cause them to grow a type of fungus called aflatoxins which can effect the health of your gut.

Peanuts are one of the most common allergens today and have been linked to food sensitivities, leaky gut and a slow metabolism. Also, peanuts are very high in omega-6 fatty acids which may cause serious inflammation in the body. For these many reasons, peanut butter is a metabolism death food!

What to do instead: If you want to start revving up your metabolism then make a switch to almond butter. Almonds are high in an amino acid L-arginine which increases HGH production in your body. This is turn causes your body to build lean muscle which sends your metabolism sky high!

Just one tablespoon spoon of almond butter with celery, in a smoothie or with some apples are great snacks to re-ignite your metabolism.

I honed in on the “serious inflamation” part, as when I am on a PB kick, I do notice that I look a bit “puffier”. As any nut butter lover would, I thought about storming out to my nearest grocery store and picking up a jar of healthy Almond Butter, but I think I will hold off for now. I really want to see how strong I can be with just plain raw nuts in my diet. Plus, my two nieces both have nut allergies, and when we go to the beach in a couple weeks, I will be staying on their side of our adjoined house, which will be completely nut free. I’ll definitely let you know when I buy that jar of AB! 

Not sure why, but I felt sluggish when I woke up this morning, ,so I brewed a couple strong cups of coffee after my morning workout and it tastes delicious!

photo (8)

It’s gonna be a hot day today – but have a good one! 




Last Week in Pictures and A Big Purge

Before I share a few photos from last week, I’d like to share a couple quotes I’ve been keeping on the brain lately. 

“Nothing will work unless you do.” – Maya Angelou

This really speaks to me because it’s so true!! Whenever I have a bad day, I ask myself why?! My answer always comes back to me. What was my attitude like? How did I physically feel that day?

Another one is one that I just discovered this morning! “It’s never too late to be who you might have been.” – George Eliot

This says to me that it’s never too late to feel amazing. And it brings me to the “big purge” part of this title. 

This weekend I decided once and for all to throw out my food demons; nut butters and chips. While they are insanely delicious, I cannot seem to enjoy them in moderation, especially the peanut butter. Secondly, the added oils are not good for my complexion (occasional breakouts). 

My decision came to be yesterday, when I confessed to my sister how I cried at the end of a wonderful night celebrating the marriage of two good friends. Most of that crying came out of feeling sorry for myself. I basically took charge and danced with one of the few single guys there, but most everyone else (guys) had girlfriends, fiances, and/or wives. Womp womp. 

So I took charge of my pantry and threw out my vices. I’m not missing them yet (it’s not even been 24 hrs.) What made me do it is that I deserve the same happiness that all those other couples are or seem to be experiencing. I’ve never considered my life to be on a “time clock” per say, but I do feel like I’m at an age where there’s a window (2-3 years) of time when I could potentially meet someone special. 

So again, wish me luck! I feel like I’ve been asking of good luck a lot lately. Here are a few pictures from last week. 

photo 4 (6)I wore the same color dress as the Bridesmaids!

photo 3 (6)A very fun pre-wedding weekend party hosted by my friend Sarah. Bride in the middle! 

photo 1 (7)This was probably the best day of the week when Vietri, an Italian pottery company, re-grammed a picture I posted on my company’s Instagram!!! 


Ya’ll have a great Monday!





Tell All Tuesday: Periods Suck

Yep, they do. For me, the cravings start a week before I start my period. I never have any unusual cravings like for bacon and ice cream or anything, but during this time, my sweet tooth is usually in full force, and I tend to ultra over eat – NOT GOOD!! These cravings usually continue into the second or third day of my cycle. And I’m experiencing night number whatever of these ridiculous cravings that I can’t seem to shake. 

Like I said, during these binges, I’m not eating anything super unhealthy like fast food, but I’m consuming TOO MUCH of any one thing. I’ve consumed a whole bag of Bakery On Main gluten free granola and an entire back of fresh cherries in two days!!


Some of the binging could be because I have my annual check up with my doctor tomorrow. I shouldn’t have anything to worry about, but I’m afraid my doctor will say “You need to lose weight” or “Your thyroid needs to be checked”. But hopefully everything will just be routine. 


Hope ya’ll had a good Tuesday!




About That Reflection

I’m waiting to get a pedicure right now and I’m SO excited because after a busy day at work with no A/C, I can’t think of anything better!!

So, about the reflection I mentioned in this morning’s post. As I said this weekend was fun AND productive, during the fun times during which I chose to have a few cocktails, I feel I did so responsibly. I hydrated with water in between drinks and did not over indulge, “over serve” myself, or even get too drunk. I woke up all mornings of the weekend not hungover, and IT FELT GREAT!!! And you know what I also noticed on this Monday? I was full of energy, not groggy, and motivated for the week.

I can’t say that every weekend will be like this, but it’s a good time to assess how I feel when being more responsible with alcohol. This coming weekend will be a test. I have a wedding to go to where two of the nicest people I’ve met will be united in love. Not to mention, the band that will be playing is amazing!! Sooo, I am going to try my best to just be in the moment and not worry so much about how many glasses of wine I’ve had.

Wish me luck!!



Weekend In Pictures and Small Reflection

Good morning! 

This weekend was all that I had hoped it would be – productive, fun, and relaxing. Here are a few pictures to catalog the weekend. 

Fiery clouds post Hall & Oates cover band show Friday night. 

photo 1 (5)


Apples, Oats, and Almonds for Saturday a.m. breakfast

photo 2 (4)

Saturday morning swim!! I really enjoyed 20-25 minutes of swimming laps. Getting back to my summer swim team roots felt great! My favorite stroke was and still is breaststroke! This will be my new favorite cardio workout for sure. 

photo 3 (5)


Fresh cherries!!! Finally on sale…

photo 1 (6)


Hangin’ with my nieces and nephews. My parents babysat my nieces over the weekend while my sister and brother-in-law were away. They played this watering the flowers game forever! Good and tuckered out for bedtime 🙂 And while at my brother’s birthday gathering at the pool, my nephew and niece were very amused by cornhole! I’m pretty sure they thought there were slides with holes in them 🙂 

photo 5 (4) photo 2 (5)

The reflection part of this post will have to wait for another day, because I have to get ready for work! Have a great week. 





R & R Weekend

Happy Friday!

This weekend I am SO excited to have TWO full days off. Sometimes when I work Saturdays, I feel a little gipped out of a weekend, so it’s extra special My sister pretended I was her baby doll. when I have Saturdays off!

I plan to somewhat re-charge and be productive as well. Cleaning is certainly on my list, as well as laundry, buying a birthday present for my brother and a wedding gift for a couple whose wedding I’m attending next weekend.

On Sunday I plan to attend Mass and we’re celebrating my brother’s birthday Sunday afternoon at the pool.

What are you doing this weekend?!