American Girl

photo 2 (2)I hope you all had a lovely July 4th weekend! Mine was great and rather indulgent, as weekends should be. Friday morning I slept in till 9! (big deal for me!). Fixed a quick smoothie and some coffee, then drove over to my sister’s for a walk. Our walk was amazing!! We really lucked out with the weather here in Richmond this past weekend. We walked for 70 min., it was so glorious!

After the walk, I came back to my place for lunch and changed into my bathing suit for the pool. I should have snapped pics of my delicious lunch Friday afternoon, but I didn’t, but I will the next time I have it! It was a quinoa salad with tomato, peach, and avocado all together! It was VERY good and refreshing. I will definitely re-create this dish at the beach next month.

After a quick visit to the pool, I got ready for my friends Emily and Zara to come over for a drink before we headed over to Hardywood Brewery’s July 4th celebration. Hardywood was so.much.fun! The best parts were one of my favorite food trucks in Richmond, Goatacado, where Emily and I ordered dinner from. Everything is super fresh from Goatacado, and not much salt (if at all) are added. The next best thing about Hardywood (obvi the beer), was the Tom Petty cover band!! They really rocked it. Emily and my’s friend Anousheh, is a local music super star performed two songs with them! Fun, fun, fun.
photo 3 (3)After the show, the night did not end there. We proceeded to go out in the Fan and were acting like we were fresh out of college. Not the best decisions were made, but I guess this part was fun. Venting on my guilt in a later post 🙂

Saturday I worked a LONG Saturday, and since I burned the candle at both ends the night before, I seemingly tucked it in at 9:30 PM Saturday night. This was just what I needed, because Sunday was Polo day at King Family Vineyard!!

My good friends Emily A. and Emily B. (their last names really start with those letters), and me left Richmond to drive up to King Sunday morning for the FREE weekly Polo match. The weather (again) could not have been better.
photo 5 (2)We started the day with tasting six of their delicious wines. Ones that stood out for me was the rose′ or “Crose” as they call it and the Merlot. 

photo 5 (3)We ordered a bottle of the Voigner, which was a little sweet for me, but I loved the hints of honey dew and apricot in there. We got setted with our blankets and spread out the food that we brought from home (again not pictured, need to be better about that!). The match got started and it was really fascinating! Halfway through the match, spectators can walk out onto the field and “stomp the divets” so that there’s a smooth layer of grass for the second half. 

photo 1 (4) photo 4 (3)


photo 3 (4)


We ate and drank until we were satisfied! 🙂 A wonderful first Polo experience!

photo 2 (3)Have a wonderful week! I’ll be checking back in soon! 






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