Breakfast of Champions & WW Struggle

Happy Thursday!  

I’ve been on Weight Watchers, or WW for about two months now, and I have been struggling. I began in May, which is a BIG birthday month in my family. Not only is my birthday in May, but my grandmother’s and my niece’s birthday is also this month. With most celebrations in my family, we go hard and fun. Even though I’m 28 and not 21 or 22 when my birthday last all month long, this year, it seemed to last a solid two weeks. 

photo (7)


Enter the photo of my delicious breakfast! This was yesterday’s breakfast, but this post has been written in two parts.  

Anyway, so yeah, I’ve been struggling with Weight Watchers ever since I joined. I know it works, and the plan is super easy to follow! I just have to STICK.WITH.IT!

Of course my food and drink (mostly wine) habits play a huge part in keeping me on track, but it’s particularly difficult when impromptu events come up. I feel like that has been most of my Summer thus far. Take last night for example, I dropped by my sister’s house to pick up fresh basil from their garden, and ended up staynig for four (smallish) glasses of wine with dinner. 

Here’s the thing, I never want to pass up an opportunity to hang with my sister and especially won’t stray from play time with my sweet nieces. 

The worst part though was when I got home from dinner. I continued to eat. I polished off a bag of dark chocolate pretzel “Bark Thins”, which I probably won’t ever have in my house again for a very long time, and also stirred and tasted my new jar of natural, organic unsalted Peanut Butter. A handful of GF (gluten free) chips were consumed as well. How do I quantify that with WW? I don’t. I do ask myself WHY, but usually just throw in the towel and say whatever…tomorrow is a new day. 

So now for the WHY. My binges this week alone could be stemming from several reasons; hormones (I should be starting my period any day now), stress of online dating, and gossiping about work with former co-workers. 

The online dating thing has been anything but unsuccessful for me so far. I don’t know if I’ll continue with it, but for now, I am taking a long break from it. I had some very negative experiences lately. More about dating in a future post. 

Last night, I was invited over to a former co-worker’s house for drinks and snacks. She is absolutely hilarious and very passionate and kind, and she trained me very well at work, so I was excited to see her and her lovely Northside home! On the other hand though, she, a present co-worker, and myself, spent most of our time gossipping and nit-picking all the cons about our boss. This made me feel bad about a. talking bad about her, and b. I felt bad about the job itself and is this the right place to be to further my career?

Thus, when I got home, I took out my uncertainties on food!! I consumed a Larabar, a handful of “Food Should Taste Good” multi-grain GF chips, two corn tortillas, and probably 1 1/2 T worth of natural, organic unsalted PB. 

My only excuse for this binge is what I mentioned above, and that the “snacks” were not particularly filling. Oh yeah, I had a hard boiled egg in there too. 

BREAKING NEWS: just now, when I double checked to make sure my PB was organic, I DID NOT taste any!! Sorry, but this is a big baby step ya’ll. 

I hope my readers don’t mind my ranting and raving. I only hope that someone is feeling the same way and experiencing similar struggles. 

I’m still figuring out how often I want to post about my progress with eating and drinking – once, twice a week? Honestly, typing things out helps me, so it might be twice or three times if ya’ll can handle it 🙂 

I also want to mix in “day in the life” meal ideas, weekend re-cap kind of posts, decorating, etc. So please keep reading!! 





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