Tell All Tuesday: Periods Suck

Yep, they do. For me, the cravings start a week before I start my period. I never have any unusual cravings like for bacon and ice cream or anything, but during this time, my sweet tooth is usually in full force, and I tend to ultra over eat – NOT GOOD!! These cravings usually continue into the second or third day of my cycle. And I’m experiencing night number whatever of these ridiculous cravings that I can’t seem to shake. 

Like I said, during these binges, I’m not eating anything super unhealthy like fast food, but I’m consuming TOO MUCH of any one thing. I’ve consumed a whole bag of Bakery On Main gluten free granola and an entire back of fresh cherries in two days!!


Some of the binging could be because I have my annual check up with my doctor tomorrow. I shouldn’t have anything to worry about, but I’m afraid my doctor will say “You need to lose weight” or “Your thyroid needs to be checked”. But hopefully everything will just be routine. 


Hope ya’ll had a good Tuesday!




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