Last Week in Pictures and A Big Purge

Before I share a few photos from last week, I’d like to share a couple quotes I’ve been keeping on the brain lately. 

“Nothing will work unless you do.” – Maya Angelou

This really speaks to me because it’s so true!! Whenever I have a bad day, I ask myself why?! My answer always comes back to me. What was my attitude like? How did I physically feel that day?

Another one is one that I just discovered this morning! “It’s never too late to be who you might have been.” – George Eliot

This says to me that it’s never too late to feel amazing. And it brings me to the “big purge” part of this title. 

This weekend I decided once and for all to throw out my food demons; nut butters and chips. While they are insanely delicious, I cannot seem to enjoy them in moderation, especially the peanut butter. Secondly, the added oils are not good for my complexion (occasional breakouts). 

My decision came to be yesterday, when I confessed to my sister how I cried at the end of a wonderful night celebrating the marriage of two good friends. Most of that crying came out of feeling sorry for myself. I basically took charge and danced with one of the few single guys there, but most everyone else (guys) had girlfriends, fiances, and/or wives. Womp womp. 

So I took charge of my pantry and threw out my vices. I’m not missing them yet (it’s not even been 24 hrs.) What made me do it is that I deserve the same happiness that all those other couples are or seem to be experiencing. I’ve never considered my life to be on a “time clock” per say, but I do feel like I’m at an age where there’s a window (2-3 years) of time when I could potentially meet someone special. 

So again, wish me luck! I feel like I’ve been asking of good luck a lot lately. Here are a few pictures from last week. 

photo 4 (6)I wore the same color dress as the Bridesmaids!

photo 3 (6)A very fun pre-wedding weekend party hosted by my friend Sarah. Bride in the middle! 

photo 1 (7)This was probably the best day of the week when Vietri, an Italian pottery company, re-grammed a picture I posted on my company’s Instagram!!! 


Ya’ll have a great Monday!





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