Alarming Fact on PB

Okay, so not to continue on the PB addiction rant, but I wanted to share an alarming fact I learned last night that my sister shared with me on Dr. Oz‘ website. 

Dr. Oz writes about the “5 Metabolism Death Foods” and #4 was Peanut Butter! Dr. Oz says: 

Peanut Butter – Yes, peanut butter is tasty, but it can also ruin your gut health. Peanuts are grown on the soil and stored moist in silos which then cause them to grow a type of fungus called aflatoxins which can effect the health of your gut.

Peanuts are one of the most common allergens today and have been linked to food sensitivities, leaky gut and a slow metabolism. Also, peanuts are very high in omega-6 fatty acids which may cause serious inflammation in the body. For these many reasons, peanut butter is a metabolism death food!

What to do instead: If you want to start revving up your metabolism then make a switch to almond butter. Almonds are high in an amino acid L-arginine which increases HGH production in your body. This is turn causes your body to build lean muscle which sends your metabolism sky high!

Just one tablespoon spoon of almond butter with celery, in a smoothie or with some apples are great snacks to re-ignite your metabolism.

I honed in on the “serious inflamation” part, as when I am on a PB kick, I do notice that I look a bit “puffier”. As any nut butter lover would, I thought about storming out to my nearest grocery store and picking up a jar of healthy Almond Butter, but I think I will hold off for now. I really want to see how strong I can be with just plain raw nuts in my diet. Plus, my two nieces both have nut allergies, and when we go to the beach in a couple weeks, I will be staying on their side of our adjoined house, which will be completely nut free. I’ll definitely let you know when I buy that jar of AB! 

Not sure why, but I felt sluggish when I woke up this morning, ,so I brewed a couple strong cups of coffee after my morning workout and it tastes delicious!

photo (8)

It’s gonna be a hot day today – but have a good one! 




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