A Date With Me

We are having glorious weather today in RVA!! I think it was like 60 degrees this morning. Perfect conditions for a morning jog. Yes, I am jogging again!! And it feels great! I’m not sure what my pace is, but it’s slow. Slow is OK for now. I think I covered a little over 1.5 miles + power walk.

It’s amazing how much better I’ve felt since cutting out PB and chips from my house cold turkey. The added oils in these foods seemed to really weigh me down.

So, last week turned out to be really busy for whatever reason. And now thinking about, I can’t actually remember what all I did. There was one night though when I didn’t have any errands to run or pets to feed. I was able to just come home after work, cook dinner, and relax. I even mixed up a “mocktail” of cherries, lime, and water. A cherry limeade if you will.

photo 1 (8)

This was delicious! The best part was picking out the cherries from the bottom of the glass, infused with lime. I plan on mixing up more flavored water on these warm evenings – so stay tuned for that.

For dinner, I roasted a filet of local Arctic Char, which is very similar to salmon. Along with roasting red and purple (yes, purple!) peppers from a Farmer’s Market my mom and I went to the week before. I topped the fish and veggies on a brown rice and lentil mixture, which was SO flavorful! This was a new discovery. I think Eden Organics produces it, but it was canned and on sale – seemed too easy! And it didn’t have much sodium.

photo 2 (7)photo 3 (7)

I am really enjoying these nights when I don’t have much going on, because I know that in just a few weeks (after the beach of course!) things will start up again; Junior League meetings and socials, Alumnae Board meetings, and possibly socials with this architecture preservation organization.

Enjoy the day!




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