My First Design Project

Happy Friday! 

I have the day off today! I am super jazzed about this, although the weather is not ideal, I’m still glad I have the day off. I am heading up to Charlottesville today to see my cousin Megan and her new baby Mary Mac! I’m looking forward to a fun lunch and lots of catching up. Maybe exploring a little too – I love Charlottesville! 

To start my time off, last night I went over to my friend Lynn and her husband Kyle’s house. Lynn reached out to me a couple weeks ago wanting some help decorating their living room. I immediately jumpoed on this opportunity and am so thankful to Lynn for giving me the chance to take my love for design and decorating outside of Janet Brown Interiors. While I am getting some good experience at JBI, there’s nothing like jumping into a project that you’ve cultivated on your own. 

Lynn and Kyle live in the “near West End” in a charmingly new home for their neighborhood. Having moved in about a year ago, there are still some need for decorating, understandably.

The living room, particularly, is what needs the most help. 

photo 1 (9)photo 3 (8)

The room has a lot of empty wall space and an overall “spread out” feel. My goal is to bring the room together with color, lighting, and more seating. 

photo 2 (8)photo 4 (7)photo 5 (6)

My first plan of action is moving the big chair over to the other side of the fire place. I think this will make the room feel cozier and fill up some space on the blank wall nearest to the side door where the dog bed is now. On the right side wall, place two graduated book cases on either side of the side table that is currently between the two front windows. 

I will be sharing more updates and ideas here as the project gets underway! 




2 thoughts on “My First Design Project

  1. Loved our visit, El! I need to figure out how to follow your blog on my phone…it has been forever since I’ve checked in. Any pointers on making that happen?!?


    • I did too Megan!! I will definitely be up again 🙂 I have the Word Press app on my phone, and I through Word Press, I can choose which blogs I want to follow. But I would think Google’s Blog Spot has a similar app.

      I also have Bloglovin’, another site where you can choose which blogs you want to keep up to date on. They have an app for phones as well.

      I hope that helps!


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