Back to Reality: Berry Basil Smoothie

Happy Monday! 

It’s back to reality after a glorious beach vacation. I’ll be sharing the “Best Of” photos later this week 🙂 To start the week of on the right foot, I power-walked outside for 50 minutes, followed by two sets of push-ups and two sets of tricep push-ups at home on my yoga mat. Baby steps, baby steps! I also did a little ab work. 

For breakfast, I adapted my own smoothie from this recipe. In my smoothie I used frozen blueberries and strawberries, blended with almond milk, a scoop of my favorite Vegan Protein Powder, and about five to six leaves of basil. Once blended, I added a TBP of Chia Warrior chia seeds and a 1/4 cup of gluten free old fashion oats. Success! And refreshing at that! 


photo (9)

Before hitting the hay early last night, I read through Grid, a free publication that updates residents and tourists on happenings in Richmond. One article was about working moms. While I am certainly NOT a working mom, I can relate because I know many working moms, one being my sister-in-law. A quote from one of the moms stuck with me, and can be applied for anyone’s stage of life: “Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance.” When I read that, I remembered hearing it years ago, maybe in school, but I’m glad I have re-discovered it. With more week day meetings on the horizon, planning my day, week, and month is essential for dodging that overwhelming feeling. 

Have a great day! 





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