Clean Sweep

I love Sundays. Not only is it the Lord’s Day, but it’s a great time to reflect on the past week and set yourself up for the week ahead by planning and getting organized.

Yesterday, I planned for this week by writing down my workouts for the week and making sure I knew of all my appointments or to-dos.

I also cleaned! There is nothing more gratifying than cleaning your living space. Not only does cleaning promote a healthier environment, but it forces you to acknowledge what you own and be proud of it.

I like to end my Sundays by attending Mass. Mass at my church on Sunday evenings is more alternative than traditional, but the music performed by the church band is so uplifting!! Another great time to give thanks and for reflection.

That’s all I have this morning, but please keep reading. I have a fun week ahead, and I know I haven’t posted any Beach 2014 pics, but I PROMISE I will soon!! I’ve had issues lately with my laptop, and well, that shouldn’t be my only excuse, now that I see how easy if is to use the WordPress app on your phone! (I’m on it now!).

Have a great day!



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