What’s on This Plate

Good morning! I feel like this week has flown by and am glad tomorrow is Friday!

This morning I woke up not feeling like exercising, so instead I chose to do a quick cleaning of my bathroom and a few yoga poses.

I also wanted to reflect on my behavior last night. I’m not talking about THAT behavior. I’m talking about my behavior with food and drink.

Last night, I had the pleasure of going over to my mom’s cousin’s house in Churchill. When we got there, Betsy offered to make us homemade Manhattans. Made with fresh squeezed orange juice and a generous amount of bourbon and bitters, this drink hit the spot!! It was also an appropriate drink for the night, as my grandmother was with us, so we raised our glasses to her, as well as my late great aunt, Betsy’s mother.

I sipped red wine with a delicious dinner that included poached salmon, kale chips, tortellini, and fresh bread.

Once home, I assessed how I was feeling. I was pleasantly full and tired. I really thought about having one of my decadent Chocolate Date Balls, but I thought since I already had dessert, I didn’t NEED anything else. Plus, I did have the Date Balls later at night on the previous night, which made me feel sluggish the next day, so I chugged some water instead.

As I’ve wrote about this before, every time I have a craving to late-night snack, if I think about how it will make me feel tomorrow, then I am more likely to resist.

So, these are baby steps, and dinner and drinks with my maternal relatives was absolutely not a trigger for giving into “bad habits”, but I am happy with the decisions I made last night, which can only spring me forward into a better me.

Here’s a version of a quote my friend posted on Facebook recently, “In order to be an expert on anything, you must be an expert on yourself.”

For what it’s worth, here’s today’s breakfast:



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