Silver Lining Saturday Morning

I have a love/hate relationship for Saturday mornings. I love that I can usually “sleep in” and make my own schedule, but I do get anxious sometimes when I have a full day ahead and am not able to 100% enjoy the short time of solitude.

I typically work about two Saturdays a month, but today I have the day off because it’s my 10 Year High School Reunion!! I kind of can’t believe it’s been 10 years, although some days, it feels like it has!!

I’m starting off the day by volunteering at an Alumni Prayer Service. Believe it or not, I live in the same neighborhood as where I went to high school, so I plan on walking to and from the prayer service.

After that, I will come home for lunch, which I am whipping up now. Brown rice and lentils and roasted butternut squash! Fall is here!

The varsity football game is also on tap for today, and later, we will all gather at a fun music venue here in RVA, which apparently has an awesome patio!

I promise I will have better pics than just breakfasts!! But here’s one from the other morning. I actually had the same kind of smoothie this morning, but with a new blender! Unfortunately, the engine in my old food processor conked out on me when I was blending some Medjool dates.

The “silver lining” of this post is from last night when I was babysitting. When I babysit, I tend to snoop around the family’s pantry, and more often than not, I end up in a binge session. It’s gotten a lot better though, and last night was a good example.

I listened to what I was really craving and allowed myself to have it. I did have about a Tablespoon of almond butter, and probably too many Halloween colored tortilla chips, but I know my previous habits, and it could have been A LOT worse!! To help me not go too overboard, I just thought about how I would and WANT to feel the next day. So, I drank some water and had a few mints with Sex and The City episodes, and I was satisfied! The silver lining 😉.

Have a wonderful Saturday!



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