Down “fall” Oats

This week’s temperatures are not exactly “Fall” like, but I had this bowl of “fall” oats anyway.

Oats, raspberries, and half of a Pink Lady apple, topped with a T of Trader Joe’s salted creamy almond butter. I’ve decided that this almond butter is too salty for my palette, but I’m dog sitting and that’s the only nut butter around!

About that almond butter…I unfortunately had a binge with it last night, along with graham crackers and Honey Nut Cheerios.

As I mentioned, I have been dog sitting since last night and through this evening. I’ve known the dog owners since grade school, and although they are empty nesters, they have a pantry full of snacks, as if they had growing hormonal teenagers!

But to my surprise last night, they have significantly pared down the junk food. This is a good thing, but the bad thing is, I managed to find the junk. I went back and forth from Cheerios to almond butter filled graham crackers, and also discovered chocolate covered cherries and sour cherries.

The only explanation for this binge session is that this is a familiar home in the same neighborhood as where I grew up, so having indulging like this is comforting. Also, I could be feeling bad for still having to resort to pet sitting at my age.

BUT I just have to remember that money is money no matter how you make it, whether that be pet sitting or babysitting. I’m so thankful for the opportunities, because otherwise, financials would be very tight!

I also have to remind myself that the job I have now is a step toward something better. Some affirmations: I am loved and people enjoy my presence. There’s a quote that says something like “people might forget what you said, but they’ll never forget how they made you feel.” I like to think that I’m that person who makes people feel good.

So WHY do I continue to break myself down with binging?!?

My journey continues, and thank you for following me as I work through this disorder and get to the root of the behavior.



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