Good morning and Happy Halloween!

Honestly, I’m not too crazy about Halloween. I enjoy seeing the creative costumes people come up with, but I’ve never been one to win a “most creative costume” contest. As a kid, I remember dressing up as everything from Matilda to Pocahontas to Tina Turner. The year I was Tina Turner, I remember repeatedly singing “What’s love got to do with it, Trick or Treat!” hAHA, I was an old soul from a very early age.

Tonight will be pretty low-key. My friend Emily has invited me over to her house for chili that her roommate Luke will be making. Luke is a very good cook and always uses the most fresh and natural ingredients, so I am looking forward to that! Emily lives in a neighborhood where there are quite a few kids, so I’m sure we will be going through lots of candy! I say we take a sip of beer every time Elsa from Frozen comes to door, whose with me?!?

I’m happy to report that my lap top is up and running again!!! A computer consultant who my mom recommended came by my apartment one day and ran all of these diagnostic tests on my lap top. My hard drive was running so slowly, that he had to take it back to his office and run even more tests! He concluded that I had a corrupted hard drive and that I should either get it replaced or buy a new lap top. I discussed this with my mom and we decided that we would just replace the hard drive. This will be an early Christmas present, thanks Santa 🙂

So this being said, with a much more efficient computer, I will be blogging a lot more and I also hope to pick up a few more design clients in 2015!

There will be more of an update on the eating and drinking part of my life this weekend, but that’s all for now, I have to go shower, blow-dry, and straighten my hair in time for work! Everyone stay safe and have fun out there tonight!




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