Weekend + Update

Happy Monday!

This Halloween weekend was pretty low key. On Halloween night, I went over to my friend Emily’s house and had the heartiest chili and drank a few Pumpkin beers and a glass (or two) of Cab Sav that Emily had from one of our day trips to King Family vineyard this Summer. Everyone took turns handing out candy to the kids and we watched scary movies from the 80’s and 90’s, which actually weren’t that scary at all. The Witches, which was a flash back from my childhood, seemed so far-fetched, but still creepy! Another one we watched was Nightmare on Elm Street, which was just out of control and ridiculous in terms of  scare factor.

Saturday I worked and then babysat for one of my favorite families.

Sunday, we gained an hour over night, and it actually did feel like it!! In years past, I stayed up until 1/2PM and it seemed like I was gipped from “falling back”, but this year since I hit the sack at 11:30, which was really 10:30, I got a solid 9 hours of sleep!!

Sunday morning was laaazy…made breakfast, brewed coffee, and got dressed and out the door to yoga. I have missed yoga soooo much!!! And I am really excited that I will be re-joining Gold’s Gym this coming weekend! For several months, I tried out Richmond’s Downtown YMCA, but just never LOVED it. At the times I was able to go to the Y, I rarely saw people my own age or never saw anyone I knew or had been acquainted with. For me, it’s important to be active among peers because I think that’s a good motivator. Also, running into mutual friends is a form of socializing which is healthy too.

Sunday afternoon, I finally got around to cleaning my apartment and managed to complete the chore in about an hour and a half, without any social media distractions 🙂

Sunday evening after Mass, I went over to my sister Carrington’s house for wine and pizza. Now, I have been trying to avoid dairy, but when the occasional pizza night arises, I’m not going to turn it down! As along as I am aware how dairy affects me, I’m okay with indulging every now and then. I always love seeing my nieces and who could resist this smile?!Taylor Relaxing

I admit, on quiet weekends like this, I do have a sense of FOMO, but I just have to remember that this is an opportunity to check in with myself and reflect on to-do’s, weekly/monthly schedule, and long-term goals.

My eyes are fading, so I’m logging off for now!




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