New Look & Weekend

Morning! I’m excited about my new “collage” of photos in the header of my blog. They are a little blurry due to the transfer of the Instagram filters onto my computer files, but I’m okay with that. I think as a photo header, the “mirage” look is acceptable and even a little unpredictable – luring the reader in if you will. I do think that crisper photos are necessary in the body of a blog.

Now for the weekend. I had both Saturday AND Sunday off, but no particular plans, which is a recipe for ultimate R & R! Friday, my friend Emily and I went to Ardent Craft Ales Brewery. There have been an explosion of urban breweries popping up in Richmond in the past few years, and Ardent is the new kid on the block. Ardent is unique in that they brew with more herbs and savory flavors. We each indulged in a flight of four beers of our choice. In my flight, I chose Pumpkin, Sweet Potato & Sage, Saison, and the Common. My favorites were the Saison and Pumpkin!

photo 1 (11)

Saturday was chore day; grocery store circuit, laundry, etc.

I started my Sunday with an energizing yoga class! The instructor guided us through a different sequence in our typical routine, which was fun. After class, I re-joined Gold’s Gym, which I am very excited about. Not only am I paying LESS of a monthly fee, but at Gold’s there are many more yoga classes offered at different times of the day. I LOVE yoga, and very excited to bring it back into my exercise regimen. I plan to have an entire post on yoga coming soon!!

Sunday evening, my sister hosted myself, my brother, sister-in-law and their two boys, as well as my cousins and their families. My uncle has been battling cancer, so my sister thought it would be fun to get them out of the house or away from the hospital, for some yummy pizza, beer/wine, and family fun!

photo 2 (9)
photo 3 (10)
photo 5 (8)
My sister is always up for a good time, and is a wonderful hostess! Speaking of hosting, I’m hosting a few friends for dinner myself tonight!




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