Holiday Buzz

Good morning!

I am buzzing on coffee, seriously, I think I made the pot too strong, but I’ll take it today. Do you feel the Holiday Buzz? I do! Fortunately, the holiday season cannot pass me by, as I am surrounded by it (I feel like I work in a Winter Wonderland!) on a daily basis at work. I do feel somewhat of a rush though. I experienced a little of that last night when thanks to a friend’s Instagram post, I went to one of my favorite local gift shop’s Open House. The store is Shops at 5807. This space is unique because under one roof, it houses 50+ local/regional artisans and businesses. Last night everything was 30% off!! I felt like I got enough bang for my buck and walked away with a bag full of Christmas goodies for friends and loved ones.

In terms of exercise this season, running around the store like an Elf has been my cardio these days. My dad put it in perspective though, he said that Christmastime is like the Super Bowl for the store, so it’s important to preserve your energy for this time. That advise definitely made me feel better about not stepping foot in the gym for days (weeks).

It’s still a little dark when I wake up between 6:30 – 6:45, so it’s hard to get psyched about going out in the cold for a walk. I get more satisfaction from writing in the mornings or consciously drinking water to get myself hydrated for the day. Currently, I am also in the middle of a 10-Day detox from processed sugar and enormously processed foods. I say “enormously” processed because that doesn’t include the 7-8 ingredient chia/quinoa corn chips in my pantry right now 😉 So, with the detox underway, I feel like I need to shift most of my focus on water intake, food pairings for smooth digestion, and making sure I get enough healthy fats.

Thanks for listening to all of that! Until next time…




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