Out & About: The VMFA!

Hi friends!

As you all know, I love when I have a random week day off. On these days, I’m sometimes more productive than on the weekends, and I try to schedule some “me” time or find something or somewhere to go to boost creativity. So after a challenging but fun new workout (I took my first Barre class and LOVE it!), sending a few emails, shopping for a friend’s birthday present, and dropping off my Christmas decorations at my parent’s house, I carved out some time to go to the VMFA!

Established in 1934, the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, offers many wonderful collections with over 33,000 works of art! From African Art to 21st Century Art, there is definitely some art to appreciate for everyone.

Since a major renovation and expansion in 2010, the VMFA has had a re-birth in my opinion. I’m not sure if it’s because I’m older now and can appreciate the Wine Tastings every second Friday of the month, or indulge in a delicious brunch at Amuse Restaurant, like I did last year for my birthday.

Birthday Brunch

With the expansion, came an additional area for traveling exhibits like Chihuly’s Glass exhibit a few years ago, which the VMFA acquired these fabulous red ferns!

Red Ferns

And this year (and last year’s) Forbidden City exhibit, which is so popular, the museum has extended the exhibit until January 19! I got to experience it for myself yesterday. While no photos were allowed, some of my favorite pieces were the ink on silk paintings that depicted a traditional wedding ceremony during the Qing Dynasty. Another favorite piece was a wood + ceramic tile screen from a garden in these ancient times. The details were phenomenal!

So, if you’re looking for something fun to do this weekend, visit the VMFA, you won’t regret it! AND, if you’re a member, you can view The Forbidden City exhibit for FREE!




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