How To Be A No-Bake Baker

Hi there!

I’m back with another food-related post. Only this time it involves my personal favorite food group, sweets! Side Note: I am working on a decorating related post that I think ya’ll will love, so stay tuned!

Almost every night after dinner, I crave something sweet. I don’t know if it’s just out of habit, or I am literally craving sugar, but it happens.

One rule that I have adopted in this New Year, is that if I’m craving it, I have to make it myself. Kind of like what Michael Pollan says in this book. For months, I have been paying visits to my local chocolate store and “treating” myself to processed chocolates with fillings that leave me feeling bloated and icky. Don’t be fooled, I’m not churning my own ice cream over here (I am highly sensitive to ice cream actually!), just some simple vegan, gluten-free, no bake treats. It’s with these kind of desserts that my belly most agrees with, and it’s a sense of domestic accomplishment to produce something that tastes so good and is equally good for your body.

I’m intrigued by all the no-bake balls, cookies, bars, and bites out there, and I usually have the ingredients already on-hand.

The other night, I decided to make Buckeye balls. My mom makes the real deal for Easter, but I wanted to try the vegan, gluten-free version.

I started with the filling of this recipe, subbing Brown Rice Flour for the coconut flour, as I did not have coconut flour, and the rest was very simple!

I used 1 cup of Santa Cruz’s crunchy light roasted peanut butter, 1/2 cup of Brown Rice Flour, and 3 T of pure maple syrup. After stirring in all the filling ingredients, I rolled them into balls the size of a tablespoon on a lined baking sheet.


Once I used up all the filling, I placed the peanut butter balls in the freezer to harden slightly while whipping up the chocolate using this recipe for vegan chocolate bars. The key  players for a vegan chocolate coating are the following:

vegan ingredients

It is important to get the ratio of cocoa powder to coconut oil right, because either you could end up with it being watery or too thick. Fortunately, the consistency of my chocolate was spot on!

vegan chocolate

After dipping the balls in the chocolate mixture by hand, I placed them in the freezer so the chocolate could set.


The next morning, I treated myself to the finished product. Who says you can’t have dessert for breakfast?! 😉






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