Home (Apartment) Improvements

After graduating from college, I was ready to be out on my own. Not only was I ready for a “big girl” job, but I was ready to live on my own as well. Through out college, I did not have the best luck with roommates, and I knew that once I landed a full-time job, I would want more time and space to myself.

My sister helped me find my apartment about six years ago, thanks to her Realtor resources, and I have not moved since! Sometimes it can feel very small when I have six or more friends over, but most of the time, it’s the perfect size. Since I do spend a lot of time at home creating, learning, writing, etc., it is important to me to live in a space where I feel inspired and free to let my creative energy flow.

With the turn of the New Year, I felt the need to change things up. For a long time, I have been contemplating buying a new bookshelf. The one I have is fine. It holds some sentimental decorative items and my favorite paperback books, only it was in the wrong place. Until a few weeks ago, the hand-me-downed bookshelf lived behind “my seat” at the kitchen table as you can see here.


It looks fine, but being right behind the chair, it was just a tight squeeze in that corner of the room. So tight, that one time when I quickly scoot my chair back, I bumped into my grandmother’s wine decanter on the shelf, and a little piece of it broke 😦

So, eureka! I decided that I didn’t necessarily need a new bookshelf, though, my current one just needed a new place in the room. Solution: move current bookshelf to the other side of the room.


photo 6


photo 9

I LOVE this new little “nook” as I call it. It makes the room feel cozier and personal.

On my bookshelf is a cigar box my aunt Bev painted for my Birthday one year; one of my favorite artists – Matisse!

photo 3

The other shelves have my grandmother’s wine decanter (with chipped top), books, an old wine bottle I found at an antique shop, and some frame-worthy photos.

photo 4

photo 5

To balance things out, I bought a house plant for the corner where the book shelf used to be. This article rounds up the best indoor plants, and Houzz talks all about proportion and scale if you are looking to add to your indoor landscape.

I decided on a philodendron. Philodendrons like some sunlight, and do not need to be watered often. I bought this one at Lowe’s. The stand, pot, and plant totaled to about $50; an affordable way to bring some life into your home!

photo 2

I am still deciding on what to put above the plant; art, a mirror, photography? We will see soon!

It’s so refreshing what simply moving a piece of furniture in the room can do to the overall feel, and I am very much enjoying my little switcheroo thus far 🙂



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