Behind The Design: Laveer + Lacquer

I am SO excited to share the story Behind The Design of my good friend Shannon’s up and coming business, Laveer + Lacquer! With a passion for trays and pom-poms, and all things interior design, Shannon decided to launch LV + LQ in 2014, and she hasn’t missed a beat since! With careful attention to detail, LV + LQ’s trays come in a variety of vinyl colors, ranging from matte to gloss. Read on to learn how it all started!


TheBelleMelon: Why did you decide to start your own business?

LV + LQ: I have always been an entrepreneur at heart, ever since I was a little girl selling lemonade and hand painted rocks (yes ROCKS) in my parent’s driveway. I think it is just the rush of adrenaline I get when I am brainstorming ideas and using my creativity to design products I can share with others. I had a lot of people asking me how much my trays were and how they could order one and it just clicked. I suppose that is when I really knew this was going to have to happen whether I was ready or not, and I cannot be more thrilled!

TheBelleMelon: How did you define what LV + LQ would be?

LV + LQ: I knew I wanted to showcase my trays. That was number one in the business plan. I wanted to design one of kind trays that could be multi-functional for all kinds of people. My love of interior design came next and it only seemed natural to incorporate that into LV + LQ. I have often had friends and family reach out to ask me for help with their design needs and advice when it comes to decorating their homes. If I could combine my love of interior design and art with my passion for creating trays, why not? It is my very own niche and I am so happy to be bringing it to fruition.


TheBelleMelon: What is the best piece of advise you were given when starting LV + LQ?

LV + LQ: To be true to myself and my creativity. My father has always told me that my creativity is a unique and special gift and I need to remember that no one can take that away from me.

TheBelleMelon: What has been the most challenging part of your business so far?

LV + LQ: I am a perfectionist. As you can imagine, this can be a problem when you are commissioned to create something for profit. I don’t want to disappoint and I have to remind myself that this is now more than a hobby, it is a carefully articulated craft that my customers are counting on me to execute. Fortunately, I have fabulous customers who know this is a creative process that takes time.


TheBelleMelon: Who is your key customer?

LV + LQ: Our motto is “Exquisite trays for exquisite people”. There is no single key customer, rather the customer who appreciates the finer things in life. The attention to detail that goes into one of my trays, the thoughtfulness behind choosing what design the tray is going to flaunt, those are the type of customers I love working with.


TheBelleMelon: Are all of your designs original, custom, or both?

LV + LQ: Probably one of my favorite things about my business is that I encourage my customers to partake in the creative process. I am here to help convey an idea but I love when customers participate and make suggestions. My designs range from custom to original ideas that have popped into my head. I think that is part of the fun, allowing myself and my customers to have literally a blank canvas and go with it. Anything is possible!


TheBelleMelon: What time of day do you get your best ideas?

LV + LQ: I am definitely a night owl. There are some evenings I am up later than I should be because the ideas are flooding my mind. I always jump at the opportunity to jot down designs for the next day.


TheBelleMelon: What has been your greatest success so far in starting LV + LQ?

LV + LQ: Without a doubt, the unbelievable amount of support and positivity from friends and family near and far. There is such a sense of pride and accomplishment that you get when you are doing what you love while so many people are backing you from the very beginning. It is very humbling.

TheBelleMelon: What have you learned NOT to do with your business?

LV + LQ: I have learned to not take things personally when receiving feedback. While it is my nature to automatically take everything I hear to heart, this has been such a wonderful learning process. It is no secret that once I get an idea in my head, there is no holding me back (which I largely credit for the conception of LV+LQ)! I have learned to not shut down to advice and suggestions I receive from others.


TheBelleMelon: What is your favorite LV + LQ design?

LV + LQ: I am in love with our Warrenton tray design but as the saying goes, the best is yet to come. I am so excited to announce in a few weeks some new fun designs I have up my sleeve!


Thank you so much Shannon! Now for a GIVEAWAY!!! Like this post via Instagram or Facebook, and ONE lucky winner will receive their very own Warrenton tray!! The winner will be picked at 10PM tonight, so hurry and let us know how much you love LV + LQ!



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