One Color, Two Beverages

I couldn’t help but notice that the colors of my breakfast this morning match! Since this weekend was pretty indulgent, and I was not as physically active as I would have liked to be, I chose to have a “cleansing” breakfast smoothie: 1 frozen banana, 1 T Almond Butter, 1 cup Cashew Milk, 1 cup Spinach, and 1/4 cup of gluten-free Rolled Oats. My coffee mug is one of the Pantone color mugs, and is color 376C, which I think if the color had a name, it would be somewhere between Chartreuse and Lime Green.

one color

Back on the activity note, I’m starting Pure Barre this week as motivation for this Summer. I’m excited and intimidated, but I have been following my location on Instagram and have heard rave reviews on Pure Barre as a place of community, so I will let you know how it goes!!



Insta Weekend

Morning friends!

I’m still holding onto those gorgeous sunny days from the weekend, as we settle into a rainy week ahead. One of the many highlights of the weekend was getting a new iPhone! I cracked my old 4S in two places, but thankfully I was due for an upgrade. I settled for the 5S, and I’m already pleased with it. Enough about phones though!

The weekend started off with having my parents over for drinks and appetizers. I made a promise to them way back at Christmas that I would have them over one night. With the winter snow, Friday was our postponed date. I had a full appetizer plate consisting of artisan multi-grain bread, three kinds of cheese, apples, fig jam, and my dad’s favorite – pistachios! I bought Blue Mountain Brewery’s Full Nelson for dad, and a smooth Monticello Malbec from DelFosse vineyards, my mom and I shared. I wanted to make it special with local beverages, since we all have been to our fair share of Virginia wineries and breweries. We ended the night with a light dinner at my neighborhood spot, The Franklin Inn. They had a great time!


Saturday, I started the morning off with a long walk and a smoothie, before getting ready for the drive to my cousin’s house in Charlottesville for a surprise party! My cousin turned 30 last week (on Easter to be exact!), and her sister wanted to surprise her with her closest friends and family for brunch at her house. Needless to say, the surprise was a success!!  It was a beautiful and exciting time filled with lots of laughter, refreshing mimosas, and great company.


I had to cut the afternoon short and drive back to Richmond, to join my sister for an exclusive event at Saks Fifth Avenue. My sweet friend Tara offered me two tickets to the event, so I brought my sister along. “When Art Meets Fashion”, hosted by Style Weekly, combined contemporary art that was auctioned off for an upcoming Contemporary Arts Center at VCU and a Diane Von Furstenberg fashion show! Two of my favorite things in one event = perfection. $15,000 was raised on four works by artists including Theresa Pollak, Jason Keith, Leigh Suggs, and Ron Johnson. We really enjoyed ourselves! Thanks again, Tara, for inviting us!


Sunday was equally sunny as Saturday, but was my more “productive” day filled with laundry, errands, and setting up my new phone! It ended on a sweet note though, with fun conversation, delicious Rose, and watching the sun go down.


I hope you had a good one too!


Bringing back Food

Good morning!

So, there’s been a LONG hiatus on The Belle Melon. I’m not going to come up with any excuses, except to say, that I am going to start incorporating more food and exercise posts on the blog. During this hiatus, I’ve been stressing about coming up with the perfect topic on Interior Decorating, only to have nothing to write. Don’t worry, my first and foremost intention for this blog is interior decorating and helping my friends and family enhance their spaces.

Ever since Maya Angelou passed away, one of her quotes has surprisingly stuck with me: “Nothing will work unless YOU do.” And for me, a healthy lifestyle is where it all starts. So, thanks for keeping up with me, and believe me, you’ll hear back from me sooner than later 😉

Breakfast = scrambled eggs, spinach, chopped asparagus, a few mushrooms, strawberries, and banana topped with 1 T of AB

breakfast 4.2.15

Have a wonderful day!