The Value of Inspiration Boards

Last week I got to thinking about old-fashioned Inspiration Boards. In the age of Pinterest, we have inspirations at our finger tips, but sometimes it’s refreshing to know that we can always go back to collecting the bits and pieces that make inspiration our own.

As early as middle school, I can remember crafting my own inspiration board on a cork board that hung in my room. My sister, brother, and me all had bulletin boards in our rooms actually, and I always looked forward to changing mine out seasonally. I had everything tacked on there from Jonathan Taylor Thomas posters out of J14 and BOP (remember those?!), to swim team ribbons, to my cherished and awkward adolescent school pictures. It was my space on the wall dedicated to “me”.

Fast forward 15 years later, I’m happy to report that my taste has gotten a little more refined.

I started working on this board last week. While the overall theme is all things interior decorating, I did not organize my board into one category, i.e., bedrooms, lamps, ottomans, lighting, etc. However, if I were to give this season’s board a style, it would be “Polished Bohemian”.





To create an inspiration board, you don’t have to work in the creative industry. Your board can be about anything and everything. If you’re a lawyer, maybe you want to tack some motivational or scholarly quotes from your favorite political leaders? If you’re a new Bride, maybe you’d like to tack the “vision” of what your wedding will look like? If you’re a stay-at-home-mom, tack on recipes you’d like to try for dinner this week, your child’s artwork, or my personal favorite saying as a reminder: “This too shall pass.”

words to live by


love_xo board
So now that you’ve completed your inspiration board, where is the best place to showcase it?

Place your board in a spot in your home where you spend most of your time. for most people, this is either in the kitchen, family room, or home office.



For me, since my bedroom is also where my desk and other categorized documents live, I chose to place my inspiration board above my desk. Whenever I walk into my room, I see the board as a constant reminder of how much I have a passion for well-decorated, cohesive interiors, and most importantly, doing something every day to grow my passion into a business.



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