Paint The Walls Salmon!


Hope ya’ll are doing well! It’s been busy over here! How is it almost July 4th?! Although I cannot wait for my annual family beach week in August, it’s kind of a bummer that when it finally comes, the Summer is pretty much over. Anyhow, recently, I’ve acquired my first design client, which I could not be more thrilled about!! She has brought me on board to make a few enhancements to her charming home.

To start, I guided her in choosing a new dining room wall color. My client has many beautiful antique storage pieces in her dining room, and a sweet little chandelier over her shabby-chic table and chairs. Unfortunately, with her current wall color, everything was getting lost.

IMG_0506IMG_0507When she asked for my suggestions, I looked to the paintings and other accessories in her home for inspiration.

Mainly, in the living room, my client has a few coral/pink pieces, including this upholstered chair at her antique secretary and this floral antique side table

IMG_0748IMG_0749She also is an avid art collector, including this trio of oils, that have rusty orange as the main attraction.

IMG_0747With these pieces in mind, we compared about four to six different colors in the coral/pink family. Some colors had more brown in them and some had more red. We narrowed it down to the two colors which had more brown tones, and viola! Benjamin Moore’s Sockeye was the winner!

I have to admit, I was a little anxious about how this color was going to turn out, but my client was so ready for change, it helped to solidify my decision. And once it was done, the dining room is whole new room!!


IMG_0623The color really brings out the pine wood pieces, as well as the hints of pink in the chandelier.

I was captivated my yet another one of my client’s fabulous pieces of art, and I feel like Sockeye embodies all of the rust/coral/rose/pink colors that are in this painting


So there you have it! It’s been so fun bringing life into this house full of character. Stay tuned to see what’s next! Hint: Grass Cloth!




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