Weekly Check-In

Hi there!

I’m jumping right into some deep thoughts this morning, so bear with me; the good and the bad. I think I’ve announced this before, but moving forward, this blog will be more of a lifestyle blog. Emphasis on design will still be at the forefront, but I also want to share more personal stories and experiences that influence my growth (both the positive and negative) as a young (ish) single, professional woman.

Let’s talk about WW (Weight Watchers). It’s the best and worst weight loss program out there. I joined for the 100th time on June 14, with the suggestion of a co-worker who willingly told me (out of love) that I would not meet a decent guy unless I lost a few pounds. Ouch! And then she left me high and dry to work for another company.

Don’t get me wrong. I adore Sue (said co-worker). She is a wonderful mentor, both professionally and personally. And it is true what she said. I won’t meet that wonderful, kind hearted, hard working, fun-loving person, if I’m not exuding the same qualities. I’m not saying I have to lose 50 lbs. to meet the man of my dreams, but if I form good, healthy, positive habits consistently, it will certainly help.

Key word is consistency. Oohhh, Summertime in the city. Spontaneous wine nights on beautiful evenings with best friends, summer concerts, wineries, Sunday Fundays, bad dates, followed my more wine at said best friend’s house to re-cap bad date, $50 dinners at one of the 1,000 hipster restaurants that gets RVA on the map. And on and on and on.

All of the above are things that make up LIFE. And I’m all about enjoying this life. Recently, we got a catch-all tray at my store with a quote that said “Always be ready to have the time of your life.” I just love that line. It speaks to spontaneity, but unfortunately WW does not come to mind when I think of this quote.

With WW, comes planning, tracking, and more planning. Yes, you get those 49 “wine points” as I like to call them AND you can “eat up” your activity points if you want, but you even have to plan how to allocate those points. Sounds horrible, right? Yes. But I have to remember that I decided to seek help, support, and therapy through this program, because for me, ever since I can remember, I’ve had issues with moderation, and I need this program and support.

However, sometimes I ask, do I REALLY need to do this? Can’t I just not eat carbs, except for one meal, and stay away from the AB (almond butter) or peanut butter jar, with the exception of Sundays?? Can’t I just treat myself to the chocolate store once a week? The answer is NO. Not without being accountable, which is where tracking comes in, and not without a support group of similar people who are dealing with the same issues, can I do this program. Believe me, I’ve tried and tried and tried.

So, here I go again. I’ll pop in on Saturday to weigh in before heading to the beach!

I apologize if this type of post bores you to death, but this is just one topic in a series of posts I will be sharing with you in the future. Plus, it helps for me to get it allllll out….so thank you for following and for your support!!



P.S. There will be more food pics next time!


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