Current Obsession: Stargazing Globe Lights

Before I start packing for the beach this morning, I wanted to share one of my current obsessions, Stargazing Globe Lights. It seems that everyone, including breweries, is decorating their outdoor space with these romantic little lights bulbs. Unfortunately, I don’t have an area for these lights in my own space, but maybe one day I will.  I apologize in advance for the small photos from Instagram, but here are some of my favorite places around town where I’ve oooed and aahhed over these lights.

Hardywood Park Craft Brewery

stargazing bulbs III

Ardent Craft Ales


Can Can

can can



Friends’ patios and decks

stargazing bulbs II

stargazing bulbs V

They even look pretty when they’re not lit!

(I just thought about the part in Christmas Vacation when Audrey says this to her dad about their Christmas lights) LOL

stargazing bulbs IV

stargazer bulbs I

I’m sure you can buy them at Lowe’s or Home Depot, but I especially like the ones here.

So, I hope you can find a spot in your city to enjoy these lights or maybe string them around your own outdoor space today to enjoy this evening with a beverage.

I’m off to pack for the beach! I’ll try and check in later this week, mostly through photos I’m sure.




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