The Return of French Press

Good morning!

I was thankful to get in a solid 45 min. power-walk this morning before the rain set in. Even though I was walking in the darkness of the early morning, I worked up a great sweat. There’s a nice sense of peace and quiet when you’re pounding the pavement in those early hours.

Once back, I blended together some of my favorite ingredients for a delicious – perfect consistency smoothie; frozen banana, 1 T of PB, 1 T cocoa powder, 1 scoop vegan vanilla protein powder, and 1 cup cashew milk. I also mixed in 1/4 cup old-fashioned GF oats. Yummm!

Second to the smoothie, the best part of this dreary morning breakfast was the return of french pressed coffee!! A former co-worker of mine gave me one of her old french presses, that was in perfect condition. Life.Changing.


This small and blurry Instagram photo does not do it justice, but trust me. Here’s how I do french press coffee: 5 cups of water to 6 T of ground coffee. You want the ratio of coffee to water to be slightly more, to achieve the strong, sweet flavor that french press does best. Heat the water on the stove until boiling, pour into your french press and let it sit for 2 minutes. The grounds will have steeped to the top, so you want to stir the coffee around for a bit before pressing. Press down on the coffee (you should feel resistance when pressing), and pour in your mug!

Add you favorite milk (I use cashew or almond milk) or creamer, and viola! The perfect cozy kind of coffee to have on these chilly Fall mornings.

For those on the East Coast, stay dry today!!




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