I’m Blogging Again and My New Stella’s Mug

You guys! Not only am I back with a new blog post in over TWO MONTHS!!! But! I also rushed out first thing this morning to purchase coffee, as I was clean out. I ended up getting the Starbucks Verona blend that’s sold at grocery stores, and with a $2.50 coupon, that bag of beans came to $3.58! And man does it taste like it! 😦 It’s fine, I’ll power through the bag, just to claim, “it’s cheaper than buying coffee every day.” I’m also contemplating buying myself a new coffee maker for Christmas, hehehe 🙂

Anyway, about my new mug. I need a new coffee mug like I need another coffee mug. But this one from the new Stella’s Grocery was so darn cool!!

I love the simple icons; an anchor, a bull, wheat, and I’m not entirely sure what the fourth symbol is, but I love it anyway.

Stellas Mug

This purchase all began at Stellas’s, one of my favorite places for brunch in Richmond. I had planned to take my time packing up and cleaning at the house where I had been dog sitting all week, before getting ready for the Holiday House Tour, but when a close friend asked if I wanted to go, I quickly took her up on it. I hesitated for a bit, thinking about how I had planned to take my time packing and cleaning, but this invitation forced me to get to work at tidying up and complete the house-hold tasks more efficiently. I am SO GLAD I did. I almost never regret getting together with a close friend, and certainly not over crisp mimosas and fluffy, runny omelets.

After brunch, I met my mom, godmother, and her daughter, for Richmond’s Fan District’s annual Holiday House Tour. We had a blast, and the weather was spectacular! We are having unseasonably warm temperatures for December right now, so it’s been feeling like I would imagine Florida would feel like at Christmastime.

All of the homes on the tour were outstanding, and one of my favorite parts was actually just walking from house to house and breathing in the warm air and the history behind the homes. All of the homes on the tour were originally built at the turn of the century.

I failed to take more pictures because my phone was at 15%, but I did snap a shot of this simple tablescape, with the GHOST CHAIRS!! Ghost.Chair.Love.

Holiday House Tour 2015

One of the things we noticed, was that the home owners glorified their outdoor spaces, just as much as the inside.

We ended the afternoon walking up historic Monument Ave., just as the infamous quirky and creative Christmas lights started to  gleam on the cobblestones.






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