Blanchard’s Coffee

Good morning! Just popping in to share my new found love for local coffee roaster, Blanchard’s Coffee Co.! I re-discovered this local roaster at one of my favorite little grocery stores, Stella’s Grocery, sister (or brother?!) to Stella’s Restaurant. One day after brunch with a friend, we walked across the street to Stella’s Grocery for a cup of coffee. Go figure, I don’t remember if we ordered coffee with our mimosas, but anyhow, we got the house coffee at the grocery store, and it was DELICIOUS!!

Ever since that brunch date, I have been going back for a cup of coffee as a “treat” on days off or as an extension of my lazy Sunday mornings. With hints of cocoa, caramel, and almond maybe? It’s a must-try if you like coffee.

The other day, while treating myself to the aforementioned coffee, I asked the barista what kind it was, and she kindly shared with me that it was Blanchard’s! Of course the exact name of the roast escaped me as I immediately went looking for it at my local Martin’s, but alas, I purchased my own Blanchard’s blend, that is equally delicious.

Enjoying it this morning with my newest mug from Stella’s Grocery, purchased before the holidays, and I was write about it here.


If you’re interested, you can learn more about Blanchard’s here. I see that they have even collaborated with the new world-class Quirk Hotel! Must go there and then must buy this blend. I’m swooning over the packaging!


I can bet this probably won’t be the last post you see from me about coffee 🙂

Have a great day!







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