A Baby, Dancing, & Cold

Happy Valentine’s/President’s Day weekend!

It’s been bone-chilling cold this weekend in Richmond, but late Friday night, my third (!!!) nephew arrived, hearty and healthy, which had me filled with joy and warmth all weekend long.

I conveniently had the day off on Saturday, so I was able to go to the hospital that afternoon to meet sweet Peter Archer! Big boy :).


I wasn’t feeling myself for most of the day however, so I mainly just puttered around until it was time to visit the baby with my sister, dad, and niece (my mom got to see Peter just minutes after he was born!), and afterwards, I dragged myself to the grocery store, where my cold symptoms exploded into high gear 😦

That evening it was too cold to even get out of my apartment and eat pizza and drink wine with my best gal, so I settled in and whipped up some scrambled eggs and sweet potatoes, and as if I didn’t get enough sweet potatoes, sweet potato tortilla chips, naturally. I also had several too many spoonfuls of this Dark Chocolate Almond Butter, which I should never have bought at Kroger, but I did and the damage is done.

Dirty Dancing was my entertainment for the night. I love how Jennifer Gray cannot keep a straight face in this scene!!

Sunday morning (Valentine’s Day!) I woke up with a fog-horn-congestive cough, runny nose, and achy body, so I decided to stay home from work. While I haven’t been completely out of commission, it has been nice to take a “rest day”. I’ve had time to think more about a big decision that’s been on my mind…more on that later. Also about re-upholstering the seat cushion on my hand-me-down sofa. Things to put in my thought catalog. And nothing can cure a cold like a sleeve (and a half) of Ritz Crackers and soup! Unfortunately, I did not get a pic of my soup, but it was Amy’s brand quinoa, kale, and red lentil. I added even more kale, zuchini chunks, and about 1/4 cup shredded cheddar cheese. It hit the spot!





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