My Random Thoughts

Hello friends, and happy Saturday!! I have the ENTIRE weekend off, and so excited about it! It’s nice to have the conventional two-day weekend off to feel like other humans who do the 9-5, M-F thing every once in a while. The main event this weekend is going to two of the most popular breweries here in Richmond with my parents! Yes, my parents. My parents are cool, but have not yet been to any of the breweries around town, so I thought it would be fun to go on a mini “Brew Tour”, so they could see where all the cool kids are on a Saturday afternoon. We’re going here and here. I’ll let you know what they thought!

On another note, I have recently had five (and counting) revelations thanks to this odd Internet/Blogging Community that I love:

  1. Change Your Way of Thinking about Food via Isabel Foxen Duke
  2. Throw in towel with Online Dating via Gimme Some Ovenย 
  3. Feeling OK with being single at age 30 via Gimme Some Oven
  4. This cute dating story at age 32! again via Gimme Some Oven
  5. Do what YOU want to do every.single.day. via my Sister


Have a good oneย ya’ll!




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