Around Town: Brew Tour w/ My Parents

So as I mentioned in yesterday’s post, last night I introduced my parents to a few of the most popular breweries in Richmond, and it was a success!

First up was Hardywood. My dad and I each got our own sampler of any four beers off the menu. I got a sample of the Singel, Raspberry Stout, Bourbon Barleywine, and the Walpurgisnacht Smoked Malbock. Dad got the Singel, Pils, Great Return, and the Walpurgisnacht Smoked Malbock. I don’t have a photo of all of them, but I think my favorite out of all those is still Hardywood’s classic Singel. The Raspberry Stout and Bourbon Barleywine were sweet, syrupy, and heavy. The Walpurgisbacht was actually refreshing, with a bacon-like taste. I’m really bad at describing these, can you tell? I’m not a huge craft beer drinker. One fancy shmancy beer and I’m usually good to go. I’m more of a Miller Lite girl, but last night was an exception 🙂

The atmosphere at Hardywood was a little too chaotic for my parents, but they hung in there. Excuse the poor picture quality. Some are grainier than others – gah!



Next we went to Ardent. This was much more my parents speed. A more intimate setting to enjoy a second flight of beers, whew! Unfortunately, they didn’t have the Honey Ginger, on tap, which is my favorite, so I got a sample of the Sweet Potato Sage, Farmhouse, Saison, and Douple IPA. The Farmhouse and Sweet Potato Sage were my favorites. 


Here’s my cute mom holding court at the table.


Time to whip out the selfies. They were having so much fun, and so was I!



Our third and final stop was Isley Brewing Co. There was a good folky-blue grass band there, and again, the atmosphere was one that my parents could handle. We snagged some stools right at the bar. Dad ordered the Plain Jane and I got the Root of All Evil, which satisfied my craving for Ardent’s Honey Ginger.

We were pretty right after Isley, so we ducked into Lunch/Supper for dinner. Your classic “hole in the wall” spot, this place has some seriously good food!! I got the eggplant Parmesan with side of their bacon brussel sprouts. Yum, yum, yum! Highly recommend.

It was a fun night out on the town acting like tourists with my parents, and they had a blast! I will certainly look back on this time, glad that I spent some quality time with them.






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