On A Roll


Man, am I on a roll with blogging lately! Pardon me while I re-regurgitate random words, thoughts, and feelings on here, but isn’t that mostly what a blog should be?  At a time when I am currently taking a step back from some previous commitments and fully, wholeheartedly, investing in myself, I think it is appropriate. I’m usually more organized and thought out with posts (okay maybe only 70% of the time) but sometimes I just need to vent. I look at it as creative therapy.

So, I digress.

This morning has been pretty good already. I slept in, as I stayed up to watch the James Burrows tribute and the Friends reunion. Gosh, I love that show and I love the cast! When I got out of bed, I felt a little hungry actually, which I was surprised about since I ate many, many cups of popcorn late last night, but I still had an appetite for something this morning. I know I didn’t want an entire meal, as I was going to cycling in about 45 min.

I decided on a slice of this bread (which is the bomb for GF bread!!), about 1T of PB, and half a banana, all slathered together. It hit the spot. After slurping down a cup of french-pressed coffee and some water, I quickly changed and sauntered out the door. I barely made it to class before the instructor closed the door, but I am SO glad I made it!!

This was the first class I had taken with instructor, Katie, and I really liked her style! About mid class when we were climbing up a hill and resistance was SUPER DUPER high, she asked us to think about something/someone that makes us happy. I instantly thought about my family and the ever-lasting goal of taking care of my body, both physically and emotionally. Funnily enough, when I thought about who/what I was taking this class for and the reason why I am working towards conditioning my body and mind, my focus came off of the climbing. Pretty nifty, yes? Her playlist was great too, and I am always up for a good playlist. I also got a row in Bingo and won a free class, whoohoo!!


After class, again, I wasn’t starving, but I knew I wanted to be satiated and not let my blood sugar drop, so I blended together a blueberry-vanilla smoothie, which again, hit the spot! In the mix: the other half of the banana from my toast earlier, 1/2 cup blueberries, a full scoop of brown-rice protein powder, 3/4 cup of unsweetened almond milk, and crushed ice. Oh! And a tsp. of vanilla extract.

So, there’s my little morning. Oh, have ya’ll ever experienced the blueberry smoothie”puff” as I like to call it? It’s weird. Most every time I make a blueberry smoothie, about half way in, the contents kind of puff up in a little frozen ball, which sometimes hits me smack on the lips, resulting in frozen fruit all up and down the mouth, lol. Has this happened to anyone else?

Have a great day!




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