Moments with a Weekday Morning & Cycling, Yoga, Running, Oh My!

Good morning!

Ya’ll know how much a love a good, drawn out morning. Sitting here, drinking my delicious french-pressed coffee, watching the Today Show…(Warning: scroll down if you need to see a photo, otherwise there’s lots of words in this post!)

Don’t worry, I’m planning on getting up and going for a power-walk mid-morning. I ventured out on Tuesday when it was gorgeous outside and actually jogged a mile!! Ya’ll, I haven’t jogged/ran in a year maybe?! So, this is a big deal. But Wednesday morning, I biked the hell out of my  glutes in my Boho class, so power-walking will be a happy medium.

On the Boho note, I’ve decided to end my renewal package at the end of April, instead of carrying out my original cycle package, which ended in July.

Gretchen Rubin, author of these books, says it best, “Do nothing in excess – not even moderation.”

Let’s put it this way, if fitness were my boyfriend, he would have broken up with me by now, because when it comes to any type of “fad fitness”; cycling, barre, etc., I’m the worst at sticking to it. I register for six month long packages thinking, I’m going to be this warrior and get inducted in the 100 Ride Club, and then two/three months in, I get bored with it, or sore, or whatever.

And I HATE gyms. I can’t stand being close to strangers and sweating or being mat to mat with your neighbor in a yoga class. I prefer the smaller group fitness approach, the “boutique” gyms if you will, the ones where only one type of cardio or strength training exercise is the primary focus. But these “boutiques” are uber expensive, draining my bank accounts, which brings me back to square one.

Sorry, this is a rant with no solution yet, so just bear with me, please!

I have signed up for a Vinyasa Flow class this Sunday morning, and I’m pretty excited about it. I like the brand behind this particular yoga studio, so we will see how it is.

Part of me is thinking, why not just try them all? I don’t have to commit to just one. I’ll report back on this soon – – maybe in the form of a series?

Anyway, here’s a pic of my breakfast goings on; strawberry-banana-vanilla-chia-oats smoothie, french pressed coffee with almond milk; DE-Licious!

breakfast 3.3.15

Note: while I love supporting local roasters like Blanchard’s, I have to admit, the Gevalia House Blend, which I have been buying for years now, is pretty rad in the french press.

Have a lovely one!



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