A Dairy Dilemma

I’ve got that stomach bug again; no, not that kind of bug, I call it the dairy bug. See, on Sunday night I ate a personal sized Mediterranean pizza from a local Italian-style pizzeria. It was deliciously mouth watering, cheesy, zesty, doughy goodness, just how I like my pizza.

Fast forward to this morning, and it’s coming back to bite me, if you know what I mean…

I’ve been “on and off dairy” for a few years now. Completely overhauled skim milk for all the nut milks out there; I especially love cashew milk in my coffee! I cut out yogurt, because it was giving me horrible heart burn and re-flux.

And if I’m really being mindful, 8 out of 10 times I consume dairy, I feel bloated, which is not comfortable or convenient any time. AND since my digestive tract is on the slower side (thanks GI surgery!), the little dairy bugs stay in my system a bit longer.

SO, since Spring/Summer is on the horizon, I am seriously considering breaking up with dairy once again, maybe forever this time.

But thinking about cutting it out all together makes me start  grieving its absence. Will I ever eat pizza again? What about my upcoming Potluck where I’m planning to cook a pasta dish that calls for Parmesan cheese?

I’m sure the affects will outweigh the damage. I’m sure all this cheese is not good for my gut. I have to admit though, while it might be a challenge to come up with dairy alternatives at first; enter tons of avocado and hummus! Those are easy ones because I already love them, however, I’m intrigued no less at the several ways to re-produce cheese from non-dairy ingredients. That’s the foodie in me 🙂

What are your thoughts? Are you dairy free? Vegan? Any cheese alternatives that are actually GOOD?




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