I Want To

I am so glad to have a night in tonight, settling in to one of the movies that I own that I’ve probably seen 20 + times with a couple glasses of wine, after a deliciously satisfying and nutritious dinner. And after withstanding a short power-outage; fingers crossed it stays on!!! I absolutely HATE when the power goes out, but I know it’s to be expected with summer thunderstorms…

Since my birthday, each week has been full; full of fun, exciting, surprising, and rewarding moments.

At work, I closed my biggest sale yet!

I celebrated my best friend’s birthday just last weekend when the weather was magical in the after-math of a near tornado that hit town; low-mid 80’s and LOW HUMIDITY!

I was also contacted about a full-time position by the owner of a very successful, and dare I say retro-internationally-classic interior decorating business, AND, I had the best Tinder date I think I’ve ever had!! And there was a second date, and there will most likely be a third! Oh, happy day!

Anyway, I think the product of my enchanted mood lately has been due to taking better care of myself.

Although summer has arrived, and typically people tend to gravitate to eating more fruits and vegetables, drinking more water, getting more vitamin D, all of which I have taken full advantage of; I’ve put these seasonal movements into practice, because I’ve WANTED to.

I’ve WANTED to get outside for power-walks, even if on some mornings my walk is to Starbucks and back for a Venti iced coffee, unsweetened, light ice, with coconut milk.

I’ve WANTED to get back into a regular yoga routine, on average, twice a week, because it brings me joy and a sense of peace. I appreciate the fact that yoga can also tone those muscles of mine,  but that is not my #1 reason for practicing.

I’ve WANTED to eat more nutritiously and stop when I feel full, because really, who wants to feel stuffed and uncomfortable in the summer??

I’ve WANTED to cut way back on sugar because I’ve seen that in just three weeks or so, my mind feels more clear, and also thanks to yoga, I don’t seem to get impulses for sugar as much or uncontrollable cravings that lead me to over-eating.

So that’s my little progress report as of late. I’ll check in with ya’ll next month to see how things are going.

In the meantime – HAPPY SUMMER!






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