Charlottesville Wine Trip

Hello Monday/Real World/Work Week/Adulting, etc.

That’s how I feel like greeting this week after a glorious weekend full of great friends, great wine, and great food.

We planned this day over the summer and we were counting down the days for it to be here. And once it got here, we were blessed with perfect weather, and a wonderful driver. Pretty much like Christmas morning if you ask me.

On this trip, we decided to go a bit beyond the beaten wine trail and venture further into the mountains, tasting and indulging at Afton, Veritas, Flying Fox, and Pollak vineyards.

I’m not going to re-hash every little detail of our day, because, honestly, I was really trying to “live in the moment” and be a good listener to my friends, and breathe in the beautiful mountain air. In fact, if I could put the day into one word, it would be Haha and many LOL’s, because that’s basically what we did all day long. It was wonderful. But if you’re curious, I’ve listed the links to each vineyard below and wrote one thing I liked best about each one. I apologize in advance for the poor quality photos. That’s what Instagram is for, right? Hopefully upgrading the ol’ iPhone soon!














Afton Mountain Vineyards

I loved how crisp and refreshing their Chardonnay was; could have pegged it for a Sauv. Blanc!

Veritas Winery

The tasting room with LOVE strung together with corks and our sommelier, Doug, who claimed their White Star wine is a great “porch pounder”; oh Doug, haha. There was really nothing I didn’t like about this winery.

Flying Fox Vineyard

This small, quaint winery was actually owned by Veritas. #RoseAllDay

Pollak Vineyards

The views from this vineyard comes in a close second to Veritas, and dare I say, their Rose was on fleek. Can’t believe I just said that. I don’t actually like that pop phrase, so I’m going to keep saying on point.

The entire day was on point for that matter.

If you are planning a trip to the Charlottesville wineries this Fall, I highly recommend all of these!





2 thoughts on “Charlottesville Wine Trip

  1. i love veritas! honestly i haven’t been to many charlottesville wineries because i end up drinking too much to make it to a lot once we’re there, but i love fall winery trips.


    • Veritas was my favorite! And I know what you mean about too much!! I think next time, we’ll pair it down to just two! It literally took me a week to feel back to normal…I guess that means we’re getting older!! Lol. Thanks for reading!


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