Get Glowing

Hi everyone! How is it almost Thanksgiving?! I mean really, where did 2016 go?? The holiday season is just around the corner, although, it is practically here. Now. Go.get.everything. Cook.everything. Bake.everything. At least that’s how I feel!

In an effort to slow down and be refreshed in those few moments we can get amidst the chaos, I have, dare I say, perfected, the beloved Get Glowing smoothie that I have far too often “splurged” on at my favorite local market, Ellwood Thompson’s. You too can enjoy this bright, but mellow smoothie right at home, without breaking the bank! Here’s how:

Get Glowing Smoothie


1 frozen Banana

1 cup frozen Spinach

Juice from 1/2 an Orange

1 Tbsp. of all-natural Justin’s Maple Almond Butter (or any all-natural, unsalted almond butter will do)

1 Tbsp. of protein powder (I currently have this, and it’s just “OK”)

1 cup of unsweetened Vanilla Almond Milk (my favorite brands are Silk and Califia Farms)

– Mix all of the above in your blender for about a minute, and voila! Adding a Tbsp. of chia seeds and/or old-fashioned rolled oats would round this out as a mini-meal too, if you wanted.

I’ve enjoyed this smoothie for breakfast, lunch, and heck, you can even have it for dinner! As my Insta showed last night, you CAN go home again and have virtually anything for dinner if you put your mind to it, ha.

I hope this smoothie is as refreshing to you as it is for me, and you feel like you can be your own hero during the upcoming holiday season.






Coffee Table Books On My Ottoman

I seem to keep displaying and re-visit the same chunk of coffee table books lately. Actually, for this post, it was really fun to look back through them and remember the time and place in my life when I bought or was gifted each one. Here’s a look inside at some of my favorite pages in each book and a little background on each one as well. Happy reading!

French Seaside Style by Sebastien Siraudeau

I recently purchased this book when RH – Richmond was having a book sale. I love daydreaming on the azure blue skies and sparkling waves that flood the pages and are the perfect counterpoints to the bright and cheery interiors inspired by life at the seaside.


Stepping inside, the rooms are equally inviting with earth tones and bright touches, accessorized with the classically popular icons—anchors, buoys, lighthouses, seashells—that carry the theme throughout the home.





Natural wood finishes set the tone and are the perfect complement to canvas-inspired upholstery and crisp linens in the fresh colors of summertime.  The overall sense of these interiors creates a relaxed sense of well-being that feeds the soul.

Shabby Chic by Rachel Ashwell

The Shabby Chic style that Rachel Ashwell coined,  was one of my favorites, and still is, when it’s done tastefully. I remember when I was in Manhattan on my senior class trip and we stumbled upon one of Rachel Ashwell’s stores. I was in heaven! Then again, when I went to Chicago for Spring break with my parents. It was there when my parents bought this book for me. To me, Ashwell invented the white slip covered sofa, and could bring it to life anywhere from quaint English cottages to stoic libraries in the city. This book is filled with that “white look” as I like to call it, as well as new uses for old things. So charming!


The iconic textured slip covered sofa


Shabby Chic meets Gothic


Using old iron lampshades as bowl holders for entertaining


Tasteful florals!


The classic sanded, painted,  but unfinished dresser that is shabby chic.


Bird by Andrew Zuckerman

I received this book from a production company while I was working at The Martin Agency. A wonderful gift with presentation if you ask me! Zuckerman’s up close and personal photos of 75 species of birds is amazing.



These winged creatures—from exotic parrots to everyday sparrows, and endangered penguins to woody owls are captured with Zuckerman’s perspective against a stark white background to reveal the vivid colors, textures, and personalities of each bird in extraordinary detail. You should also check out Creature, Flower, and Wisdom.




Matisse by Volkmar Essers

I believe I bought this book at the VMFA book store, but I could be wrong about that. Also, I couldn’t find the exact edition I have on Amazon, but I’m pretty sure the one in the link is correct. Anyway! You all know about Matisse, but this book portrays his many portraits on women both in still life and in movement.




Chanel by Harold Koda

I purchased this book after seeing the Chanel exhibit in college, while visiting a friend at NYU. I’m a closet fashion lover, although I often feel my own sense of style gets confused from time time…anyhow, I was mesmerized my the larger than life size mannequins at the exhibit that wore a handful of Chanel’s couture collection. The featured collected and then some is included through out this special edition book.







Tell me, what are some of your favorite coffee table books? I’d love to add to my collection!