Just Do It

Good Sunday evening! I’m waiting for my cauliflower to finish cooking (roasting) as I write tonight. I’ve been thinking about this whole blog thing, and I’ve decided that I’m just gonna write whenever I want to write. I have SO MANY thoughts running through my brain; some I write down to use later on this blog, and never do, some do actually make it onto the blog, but could seem out of context, and some just never leave my journal.

Anyway, I’ve decided I’m just gonna start writing on here about anything and everything.

As a blogger, there is SO much pressure on the timeliness of posts, when to schedule, when to schedule social media, WHICH social media platform is better?! I think the pressure, at least for me, has somewhat deterred me away from doing what blogging is all about: writing.

And the whole follower thing – Surprisingly I’ve actually seen a rise in my followers since the first of the year, which is flattering, but not the #1 reason I do this! I blog because I have things to get off my chest. Maybe this will influence others, maybe it won’t. But, it’s like the old saying, “If you build it, they will come.”

So let’s start with this weekend. This weekend was very quiet, compared to last weekend. Last weekend was one those where I spent approx. $200 on food and drinks and felt like I had NOTHING to show for it but a bottle of Brick House red blend from Gauthier Vineyard. Do you know those weekends? Yeah. So this weekend was heavily focused on regrouping, recharging, and rejuvenating myself for the new week. I got two solid nights sleep – Saturday night I was in bed by 10 PM and slept nine hours – NINE HOURS!! 🙂  That’s the magic right there – a good night’s sleep.

One of the highlights this weekend was making most, if not all, of my meals right here at home. I’ve been super impressed and inspired by Laura Lea Goldberg, of LL Balanced. Her Instagram stories are addicting (she is flawless!!), and she makes most all of her recipes look easy and seamless, which most really are. Laura Lea likes to emphasize using whatever ingredients you have in your pantry to make your meals delicious and eating all of those leftovers too. They are not yet on her website, but I’ve made her sweet potato fries with a tahini-dijon-honey dip two times now, and you might not want to order sweet potato fries from a restaurant again! OK, you will order sweet potato fries from a restaurant again, but making your own is so satisfying!

I’ve also had fun this weekend being more experimental with my meals, like this bowl I cooked up tonight. I roasted the cauliflower with EVOO, Italian seasoning, and lemon zest. While the cauliflower was roasting, I made up a little dressing. I didn’t go by exact measurements, but the dressing goes something like this:


1 TBP. Tahini

1/2 TBP. Dijon mustard

1/4 tsp. Curry seasoning

1 TBP. Coconut oil

1 tsp. Maple Syrup (honey could be even more delicious here)

1/2 Lemon juiced

I must say, the dressing MAKES this bowl! I sauteed some greens with garlic and mixed it all up with some quinoa and chickpeas and tossed a few pumpkin seeds in there too.



There’s just something so rewarding about making your own meal.

I also made these EASY ‘Fuel Up’ bars for the week from Amie Valpone over at The Healthy Apple. The recipe is in her new cook book, Eating Clean. Let’s be honest here, these probably won’t last past Wednesday!!




As you can see, I’m no food photographer, but I hope you will make a few more meals for yourself in the kitchen this week! Trust me, you’re worth it.




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